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Bitcoin Weekly Issue 1
March 26, 2014
Enter The Blockchain: How Bitcoin Can Turn The Cloud Inside Out
Jon Evans explains why the blockchain is a breakthrough in the field of distributed systems and how it will allow to redecentralize the Internet and a number of centralized databases such as DNS, CAs, notary services, etc.
Bitcoin's Growing Role in US Politics
US Politicians are increasingly looking into Bitcoin as a fundraising method. Libertarians are gaining ground.
A16z Podcast: The State of the Bitcoin Ecosystem, and a Theory on Satoshi
A great 15min podcast by Chris Dixon and Balaji Srinivasan, partners at a16z.
Andreessen Horowitz
Bitcoin Swaps Near Reality as Tera Creates Legal Framework
Tera is trying to create Bitcoin derivatives, legally and in compliance with the financial authorities.
When Will Bitcoin Be Truly Inclusive?
Bitcoin has the potential to bank the unbanked and bring premium financial services to the masses, but there are several regulatory and technology hurdles that need to be overcome beforehand.
Why Bitcoin Needs its Own 'Got Milk?'
Adam Haft, world-renowned brand strategist, explains what needs to be done to strengthen Bitcoin’s brand if we want the network to keep growing.
Bitcoin Regulation Roundup: Bankruptcy, Derivatives and Consumer Protection
SecondMarket CEO Barry Silbert Talks Vision for Bitcoin Investment Trust
Barry Silbert plans to open up his Bitcoin Investment Trust to the general public in Q4 2014.
IRS Bitcoin Tax Guidance - Transacting With Commodity Money
The IRS just issued guidance for owners of bitcoins: it will be treated as property and as such will be taxed following the capitals gains regime. While overall positive news, this article goes into the details of what this means for consumers.
Ledra Capital
Fortress, Benchmark and Ribbit Team up with Pantera for Bitcoin Fund
More signs that Wall Street is coming to Bitcoin. Noteworthy investments include $10m in exchange Bitstamp and $20m in insured wallet service
In Hong Kong, Placing Their Bets on Bitcoin
Hong Kong enjoys much more freedom than mainland China in terms of Bitcoin regulation. As a result the entrepreneurial scene is burgeoning.
The New York Times
Western Union CEO: What Digital Currencies Are Missing
Western Union CEO acknowledges potential of digital currencies such as Bitcoin but voices concerns about their first-worldliness and their damaged reputation following the recent scandals.
Bitcoin Version 0.9.0 Brings Transaction Malleability Fixes, Branding Change
The new version of the reference implementation has rebranded as Bitcoin Core. It enables lower fees, storing data in each transaction, brings transaction malleability fixes and a new payment protocol to ease commerce flows.
Proof of Reserves
Bifubao is the first wallet company to provide programmatic proof of reserves. This article explains how they do it and provides some code.
[VIDEO] Deep Technical Dive into Bitcore with Eric Martindale, Developer Evangelist at Bitpay
Eric Martindale introduces the new open source Bitcore protocol, highlights key features and demonstrates how to use it in your bitcoin app.
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