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Bitcoin Weekly Issue 12
June 13, 2014
Bitcoin Is Great, But It Won’t Fix Our Monkey Brains
Witty as ever, Andrea Castillo argues why Bitcoin cannot and should not go against human nature and try to convince everyone not to trust anyone anymore.
Andrea Castillo
The coming digital anarchy
Long, in-depth article that explores the effects of decentralization.
MTurk and Distributed Oracles -- two-tiered arbitration?
Fascinating article about how to implement distributed oracles with Mechanical Turk for problems that require human judgement. Distributed oracles diminish the odds of collusion happening tremendously.
A decentralized securities trading and settlement system is being built hidden in plain sight
A comparison of today’s clearing system with the few projects that aim at using blockchains to replace it.
Richard Gendal Brown
Bitcoin Seems To Be An Unstoppable Force Of Nature, Not Unlike The Jet Stream
Good summary of what has happened since the MtGox fiasco, how the sentiment has since turned wildly positive, and Bitcoin is alive and kicking as ever.
Economics, Markets and Infrastructure
A Marginal Economy versus a Growth Economy
In-depth article about the growth of the Bitcoin economy.
Tim Swanson
Expedia Starts Accepting Bitcoin for Hotel Bookings
FBI is calling for bids on the 29k bitcoins seized from Silk Road
Bitcoin in Argentina: If it can’t make it there
Argentina and Bitcoin would appear to be a match made in heaven, but Bitcoin still has a long way to go over there.
Bitcoin Goes Mainstream With Inclusion on Yahoo! Finance
Pro tip: this means the Bitcoin price is available in the Stocks iOS app.
Legal and Regulations
The Bitcoin Lawyer
A weekly podcast about bitcoin and the law.
Bitcoin 101
Bitcoin: Think of it as Electronic Cash
Going beyond typical analogies, this article presents a simple, powerful, and mostly non-technical way of thinking about Bitcoin that can be used in nearly any context.
Startups and Projects
The Bitcoin App That Could Create a Black Market for Leaked Data
Amir Taaki and Peter Todd have released a piece of open-source software designed to let anyone get paid in bitcoin for leaking secret information either to the public or to a private buyer.
Reality Keys
Track an event such as an exchange rate or Freebase fact, set a future date for when it should have happened, and get cryptographic proof of the result.
Track the fiat value of your wealth across various cryptocurrencies
Bet and win in Bitcoins during the Brazil World Cup 2014Join
Canadian Bitcoin ATM Venture, BitAccess, Admitted to Y Combinator
Good thoughts about the Bitcoin ATM industry.
Two-Bit Idiot
Altcoins and Appcoins
The Roads to Innovation in Cryptocurrencies
A history of altcoins.
The Value of App Coins
This white paper seeks to put forth the economic and technical reasons that AppCoins can develop a value in the market and maintain their value over the long term, should their associated application gain adoption by users.
Code and Development
Haskell implementation of the Bitcoin specifications
Philippe Laprade
Threshold signatures and Bitcoin wallet security: A menu of options
In-depth examination of multi-signature schemes.
Steven Goldfeder
Start of a clojure wrapper for bitcoinj.
Pelle Braendgaard
A bitcoin wallet and blockchain explorer for your terminal, in NodeJS.
Christopher Jeffrey
[videos] Elliptic curve cryptography, live streaming, Bitcore tour
James D’Angelo has been pushing a lot of really cool new videos this past week.
James D'Angelo
Small bitcoin library for node.js and browsers by Fedor Indutny, core Node developer.
Fedor Indutny
Bitcoin Programming Tutorial in Java
Awesome interactive tutorial that uses BitcoinJ behind the scenes. Great to start tinkering with Bitcoin programming without worrying about setup.
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