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Bitcoin Weekly Issue 13
June 20, 2014
'Eavesdropping' Attack Can Unmask Up to 60% of Bitcoin Clients
By now, we all knew that Bitcoin wasn’t anonymous, but we didn’t necessarily know it was that easy to identify users.
Joon Ian Wong
It's Time For a Hard Bitcoin Fork
The points made in this article about the 51% problem are real if you can read past his annoying grandiose apocalyptic tone and irritating fact cherry-picking.
Ittay Eyal
Bitcoin and Voting Power
There is an important distinction between mining power and voting power that is often misunderstood. This post clears it up.
Emin Gün Sirer
On Mining
Excellent write-up on proof-of-work and mining.
Vitalik Buterin
Economics, Markets and Infrastructure
Weekly Network and Block Solver Statistics
Insightful weekly analysis of the Bitcoin network and mining pools.
Newsflash Bitcoin People, We Already Have A Private Money System
Izabella Kaminska continues her crusade against Bitcoin, and keeps using that unwaveringly disparaging tone, which is a shame as she does make some good points amid her diatribe.
$30 Billion Online Merchant Processor Digital River Adds Bitcoin Payments
Another big win for Coinbase and the Bitcoin ecosystem.
Bitcoin 101
Why You Should Probably Be Using a MultiSig Bitcoin Wallet
In short, it makes your wallet more resilient to theft and human error.
Arianna Simpson
Dispelling some myths about Bitcoin, from a Bitcoin fan
Very sobering and easy to understand article. Must read.
LM Goodman
Why mining variance matters
Very simple explanation of why pools exist.
LM Goodman
How A Mining Monopoly Can Attack Bitcoin
A great overview of the threat models that the Bitcoin network faces from big mining pools.
Ittay Eyal
Startups and Projects
BitGo brings bank-grade security to bitcoin enterprises
BitGo just raised $12m to bring its multisig wallet to the enterprise.
The Aegis Wallet
A new Android, free, open-source wallet supporting multiple currencies. Launches
Delta Financial Offers Interest-Bearing Bitcoin Accounts
A competitor to Bitfinex. Will be interesting to see if they’re able to enforce their 5% minimum interest.
Coinbase for the unbanked
Code and Development
Preventing mining pool concentration with Lamport signatures
A variation of the other proposal.
LM Goodman
How to Disincentivize Large Bitcoin Mining Pools
Interesting proposal, although not implemented in code yet.
Ittay Eyal
A non-outsource-able Puzzle to Prevent Hosted Mining
Another proposal to mitigate the pooling problem. This links to the Reddit discussion, which links to the white paper.
Andrew Miller
Blockchain Known Pools Tracking Info
The security fail blockchain won’t tell you about
The founder of bitcoin-central posted this. I have no idea if any of it is genuinely cause for concern, but it does raise intriguing issues, and I would like to see responses to his claims.
Francois Davout
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