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Bitcoin Weekly Issue 14
June 27, 2014
Bitcoin is moving from its Deceptive phase to a very Disruptive phase.
Singularity University founder Peter Diamandis explains why he recently converted some of his gold holdings into bitcoins.
Peter Diamandis
A Bitcoin You Can Flip
An essay written in 1994 about digital cash and IP by Steve Juvertson (founder of DFJ).
Steve Juvertson
Economics, Markets and Infrastructure
Under the Microscope: Economic and Environmental Costs of Bitcoin Mining
A study of the costs of Bitcoin mining.
Hass McCook
Separating activity from growth on Bitcoin’s network
Long article that studies the economic activity of the Bitcoin network compared to the rising price and difficulty.
Tim Swanson
Bitcoin 101
51% Of The Network?
This article explains with charts that having 50% of the mining power is only statistical.
Startups and Projects
A human-friendly digital currency wallet for multiple platforms.
BTC-e Empowers Veteran Investors with Advanced PAMM Trading Account
btc-e continues to be at the forefront of innovation in its sector by adding the possibility for some users to be asset managers for other users.
OKCoin Adds Algorithmic Trading Tools to Attract High-Volume Investors
Timestamping service
CoinHook does one thing and it does it well. It listens to transactions across the Bitcoin network and notifies you via a simple HTTP web hook when a transaction arrives at any of the addresses you’re interested in.
Pelle Braendgaard
Code and Development
Algorithmic trading with bitcoin – part 2
An explanation of a market making algorithm.
Paul Firth
Fast blockchain scanning
This article looks at how to decode blocks by yourself instead of relying on bitcoind RPC functions.
Haskell implementation of the Bitcoin specifications
Bitcoin Wallet API
A uniform, privacy-oriented, restricted access to user’s Bitcoin wallets to enable web applications seamless integration with the Bitcoin infrastructure.
Mike Hearn: Underfunding is Leaving Bitcoin Development in Crisis
A block browser for Bitcoin and similar currencies
SybilLimit: A Near-Optimal Social Network Defense against Sybil Attacks [PDF]
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