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Bitcoin Weekly Issue 15
July 4, 2014
Is Bitcoin a joke? People thought that about the internet too.
Interview of Marc Andreessen where he debunks skepticism about Bitcoin based on his experience with the Internet.
Timothy B Lee
Under the Microscope: The True Costs of Gold Production
Next article in the series that examines the cost of production of various types of stores of values.
Hass McCook
Bitcoin in 10 Years: 4 Predictions From SecondMarket's Barry Silbert
All technology is deflationary, kind of like bitcoin
Two-Bit Idiot
Economics, Markets and Infrastructure
Tim Draper Wins Gov’t Auction, Partners With Vaurum to Provide Bitcoin Liquidity in Emerging Markets
Tim Draper, founder of VC firm DFJ, won the whole amount of bitcoins that were being auctioned by the US government. He will use them with Vaurum to bolster foreign exchanges.
Avish Bhama
Online Retail Giant Newegg Now Accepts Bitcoin
Legal and Regulations
California Governor Grants Bitcoin 'Legal Money' Status
Bank of Russia: Bitcoin Should Not Be Rejected
Russia is easing its heretofore very hostile stance on Bitcoin.
[podcast] Jerry Brito on Bitcoin Regulation in Washington
Jerry talks about his experience educating lawmakers in Washington on Bitcoin
Bitcoin 101
The Gambler's Guide To Bitcoin Mining
What’s the best way to get a return when we mine Bitcoins? Should we mine on our own, mine with a small pool or mine with a large pool? How much difference does it really make?
Bitcoin: Fact. Fiction. Future.
A good and exhaustive overview of Bitcoin by Deloitte University Press.
Multi-Signature Account Operating Manual
This article describes the implementation of a multi-signature protocol with multiple parties and secure off-line storage and signing of transactions.
Pamela Morgan
Startups and Projects
Mike Hearn and Olivier Janssens team up
BitcoinJ developer Mike Hearn received funding from bitcoin millionaire Olivier Janssens to help boost the development of his crowdfunding app, Lighthouse.
Mike Hearn
The Future of Bitcoin Storage: Wallets + Vaults
A new kind of account is being rolled out by Coinbase that targets large bitcoin balances and long-term investments, with added security.
Bitcoin and startup financing: Crypto crowd
Swarm is a new crowdsourcing platform that let developers emit their own altcoins to raise funding.
Huobi Brings Margin Trading, Interest Accounts to Bitcoin and Litecoin
DNA Block Chain Project Boosts Research, Preserves Patient Anonymity
The novel concept will make the genetic information fully accessible to the researchers who need it, while using strong private keys to maintain digital DNA-wallet privacy and individual anonymity.
MIT Bitcoin Project Announces First Round Competition Winners
Winners include tax-filing software for bitcoin assets, an identity blockchain, and a wallet.
Altcoins and Appcoins
Block reward halving and altcoins
An early bitcoiner and cryptographer ponders the deflationary nature of Bitcoin and how it relates to the network’s security
Ray Dillinger
Eris, by Project Ðouglas
Eris is a platform on which users may quickly and easily craft, prototype, test, and deploy consensus driven applications.
Code and Development
BitcoinJS 1.0.0 has been released (originally bitcoinjs-lib)
BitcoinJS is a library enabling developers to build Bitcoin (and now altcoin) wallets and applications using JavaScript. BitcoinJS is pure JavaScript - it’s easy to read and understand, and works beautifully with node.js and web browsers.
Multisig API by BlockCypher
Any app can implement multisignature transactions thanks to this API. Be warned though that using a 3rd party API instead of the Bitcoin blockchain adds other risks.
A new protocol for decentralized authentication by BitPay is a collaborative task tracking app that allows you to post jobs, get hired, track time, and accept bitcoin! It leverages the Insight and BitPay APIs by BitPay.
Gordon Hall
Curated by Stanislas Marion and published by Cooper Press.
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