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Bitcoin Weekly Issue 16
July 11, 2014
The Complete History of Bitcoin
A timeline of the important events that led Bitcoin to what it is now. (Although it stops in Jan 2014)
Bitcoin price 'to hit $2000' by end of the year
Under the Microscope: The Real Costs of a Dollar
Next article in the series that examines the cost of production of various types of stores of values.
Hass McCook
The Global Bitcoin Opportunity: Why Index is Backing Xapo
Index Partner gives his stance on Bitcoin and explains why he is excited about investing in Bitcoin companies
Mike Volpi
Future of Fintech
Insightful tweetstorm by a16z GP Balaji Srinivasan on how the future of fintech and Bitcoin can mimic the Linux revolution
Balaji Srinivasan
Economics, Markets and Infrastructure
5,000 Terminals Across Ukraine Now Offer Bitcoin for Cash
Joon Ian Wong
Philippines Startups Aim to Fulfil Bitcoin's Remittance Promise
Now, several startup platforms in the Philippines are setting up the foundations of the infrastructure needed to allow people to send and receive bitcoin easily.
Jon Southurst
Legal and Regulations
Bitcoin, Europe and digital colonisation: an analysis of the EBA report
In short, the EBA doesn’t really understand Bitcoin, is worried by the unknown, has exaggerated the risks, wants Bitcoin to go away and not be part of the European financial system in any way.
Ken Tindell
Why the EBA report is good news for digital currencies
A positive interpretation of the EBA report.
Bitcoin 101
Who Needs Bitcoin Change Addresses Anyway?
This article explains what change addresses are, why they’re essential to Bitcoin, and how to protect your money and privacy.
Startups and Projects
Copay (beta), An Open Source Multisig Wallet
It’s nice to see a lot of innovation in this space.
Stephen Pair
Honk Kong-based crypto-currency exchange with automatic proof-of-reserves test.
Zero-friction paywall using bitcoin
Insured bitcoin wallet. Will offer debit cards.
Code and Development
Floating Fees for v0.10 of Bitcoin Core
Instead of using hard-coded rules for what fees to pay, the code observes how long transactions are taking to confirm and then uses that data to estimate the right fee to pay so the transaction confirms quickly.
Gavin Andresen
Improved Proof-of-work function with descentralization incentives.
Sergio Lerner
Preventing Geographical Centralization of Cryptocurrency Mining with the LIMIO protocol
LIMIO eliminates the incentive to geographically concentrate the hashing hardware by forcing miners to waste some amount of coins in orphan blocks.
Sergio Lerner
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