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Bitcoin Weekly Issue 17
July 17, 2014
Reasons for why centralization has occurred and potential solutions
It touches on the Poisson process, variance, orphan blocks and the actual capital costs miners incur.
Tim Swanson
Under the Microscope: The True Costs of Banking
Next article in the series that examines the cost of production of various types of stores of values.
Hass McCook
Bidding on Bitcoin
Bitcoin is slowly taking hold in developing economies, not as a cool payment medium, but as a better currency than the official fiat currencies.
Brian Patrick Eha
Paranoia Muddies Media's View of Bitcoin's Potential
The successful rise of cryptocurrencies will require patience, clear thinking, and unprecedented cooperation from all involved. But failure in these efforts could cost us substantial potential benefits.
Ulf Gartzke
Waiting for Dark
The inside story of two crypto-anarchists and their quest to create ungovernable weapons, untouchable black markets, and untraceable money.
Andy Greenberg
Economics, Markets and Infrastructure
State of Bitcoin Q2 2014 Report Reveals Expanding Bitcoin Economy
Pantera Capital Launches Pantera Bitindex
Measuring seven data points, the index is meant to forecast medium range movements of bitcoin prices.
Ron Finberg
Pantera Capital's Bitcoin Letter
Supply makes its own demand. Venture capital will drive Bitcoin growth. New altcoins will have limited appeal.
Dan Morehead
GHash Commits to 40% Hashrate Cap at Bitcoin Mining Summit
A summit meant to address the threat of 51% attacks against the bitcoin network has resulted in a renewed industry commitment to protecting the network from majority control by any one entity.
Stan Higgins
Legal and Regulations
New York Reveals BitLicense Framework for Bitcoin Businesses
At first look, it is very stringent and borderline unreasonable. It is a first draft though.
Ben Lawsky
French Government Outlines New Regulations for Bitcoin Market Transparency
Much more vague than the New York BitLicense counterpart. Seems more reasonable too. Definitely a step in the right direction from France, which is close to a Bitcoin no-man’s-land so far.
Tanaya Macheel
Bitcoin 101
The Perks of an Hierarchical Deterministic Wallet
It provides simplified backups and enhanced privacy.
Lu Wei
Startups and Projects
Elliptic Raises $2 Million in Funding for Bitcoin Vault Services
Tanaya Macheel
Trucoin Opens MasterCard, Visa Bitcoin Buying Services in US
Pete Rizzo
Keybase is attempting to make cryptographic keys, like those used for bitcoin wallets, easier for everyone to use.
Daniel Cawrey
Bitspender makes it easy for customers to find those sites which offer cashback for using their bitcoins, in the most direct and simple way possible.
Track at a glance over 25 different cryptocurrencies and altcoins
Expresscoin Raises $150,000 in Funding from Bitcoin Shop
TradeBlock Raises $2.8 Million From Andreessen Horowitz, Others
Code and Development
[video] Algorithmic Trading with CoinTrader and R
Tom Johnson shows the methods and code for spotting and capitalizing on arbitrage opportunities in the bitcoin market. His demo using R in AWS cloud with an API of live fake data illustrates this.
A broken, hardly working proof-of-concept of pushing Bitcoin transactions over DTMF
Bitcoin Developer Reference
The Bitcoin Developer Reference is designed to supply Bitcoin enthusiasts and developers with technical background on the inner workings of Bitcoin.
Keybase is now writing to the Bitcoin blockchain
This prevents a forking attack of their server image.
Wallet-as-a-Service is Here: The Coinkite API has launched!
Coinkite’s API enables you to build complete crypto-currency systems. Want to move some funds? Need to search by public transaction number, link that back to a voucher you made last month? You name it
A cryptocurrency data transmission system that transmits bitcoin transactions, blocks, and currency exchange data in real-time, via terrestrial television transmitters around the world.
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