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Bitcoin Weekly Issue 2
April 6, 2014
Welcome to the first full issue of Bitcoin Weekly - thanks for subscribing. If you missed our sample issue 1, you can read it on the Web here.
We're a little late with this issue which is why it's going out on a Sunday, but from this week onwards, Bitcoin Weekly will be with you each Friday. Thanks again.
- Stanislas Marion (Editor) and Peter Cooper (Publisher)
Bitcoin Is Pointless as a Currency, But It Could Change the World Anyway
An fascinating look at how money was created throughout History since the Middle Ages, and how non-sovereign money like Bitcoin is nothing new. The author explains why Bitcoin’s hybrid model as currency + payment network makes it really interesting and disruptive.
Finding Equilibrium: Searching for the true value of a Bitcoin
Gyft founder Vinny Lingham explains his perspective on Bitcoin’s current price and why it probably won’t go up significantly for at least a quarter. The main reason is that merchant adoption is far outpacing consumer adoption, putting a lot of pressure on the sell side.
Vinny Lingham
[VIDEO] CoinSummit panels
The CoinSummit event took place last week, gathering most of the major players in Bitcoin and producing very compelling discussions.
The Fierce Battle for the Soul of Bitcoin
Riveting story about the clash between crypto-libertarians and VCs on the soul and role of Bitcoin. It’s uncertain who will win, or even if there will be a winner at all, but this experiment provides a fantastic window into how innovation from the fringe becomes mainstream.
Bitcoin, transaction limits and scalability issues
An embedded systems engineer models the growth of the blockchain to study its often-touted scalability issues. Turns out we shouldn’t be worried at all.
Ken Tindell
Bitcoin is more like land than email.
A really smart and innovative way to explain the Bitcoin protocol by comparing it to land, which provides a very easy segue into what smart contracts are. Must read if you think Bitcoin works like email.
Richard Gendal Brown
The Fifth Protocol
Naval Ravikant, founder of Angel List, continues his series on the Bitcoin protocol and how it will enable large networks of machines to transact and solve hard problems such as congestion control.
Development / Code
Jeff Garzik on Bitcoin Development
Jeff Garzik, Bitcoin core dev, talks with us about what it’s like to be a developer for Bitcoin; how to make it more secure; what Bitcoin developers have learned from the MtGox crisis; new features that we’ll this year; and what we can expect from Bitcoin 2.0.
[bitcoin-dev] Privacy-Protecting Proof of Reserves without the Moon-Math and without the backup angst
TransactionBuilder: An easy API to generate Bitcoin transactions
Micropayments channel by Jeff Garzik
NodeJS implementation of a micropayment server that doesn’t spam the blockchain as described here.
Jeff Garzik
The Polemitis Impossible Trinity
Antonis Polemitis from Ledra Capital takes a look at why Bitcoin can never be without a volatily risk.
[PDF] Presentation on Bitcoin from the VP of St Louis Federal Reserve
Very progressive and sober view from a central banker on the merits and pitfalls of virtual currencies and how incumbent institutions can use them to deliver better services.
Founder of Ribbit Capital on How Bitcoin Can Help the World's Unbanked
Lengthy interview of Ribbit Capital’s founder about Bitcoin, where it’s going and why the big picture is located outside the developed world in countries that don’t benefit from stable currencies and widespread banking services.
Bitcoin is Key to Empowering Small Businesses
Small companies have access to platforms such as AWS and social media to reach a large number of customers online, but they lack a way to accept payments that doesn’t cripple their margins. Bitcoin could be it.
Legal / Law
Bitcoin Could Strengthen The World Economy If Washington Doesn't Destroy It
Contradictory guidelines from the IRS and FinCEN make it very difficult for businesses to conduct their operations with Bitcoin.
Protecting Clients, Increasing Transparency, and Expediting Payments: using blockchain technology for legal fees
An attorney explains how law firms can take advantage of the blockchain for their activities.
Empowered Law
Online Payments Provider 'Stripe' Now Testing Bitcoin Support
Square Market Partners With Coinbase To Accept Bitcoin
Swedish Exchange Safello Aims to be 'CoinBase for Europe'
Swedish bitcoin exchange Safello is making the push to establish itself as Europe’s leading bitcoin exchange with direct payments now available from 86 European banks in 11 countries.
Circle Internet Financial Closes $17M Series B Financing
Circle announced and released their products to a limited set of users as they closed their Series B round of funding.
How OneName Makes Bitcoin Payments as Simple as Facebook Sharing
OneName purports to be a decentralized identity network built on the Namecoin blockchain that allows users to regain control over their personal information, sharing it with who they want and makes Bitcoin payments easier by removing the need for the user to deal with Bitcoin addresses.
ASICs catching up with Scrypt, and why this could be the end of new altcoins
With the staggering mining power that comes from ASICs, new altcoins will face a huge risk of 51% attack as they are launched and will have a hard time surviving.
Andrey Petrov
[PODCAST]Freakonomics Radio - Why Everybody Who Doesn’t Hate Bitcoin Loves It
Bitcoin 101 featuring Marc Andreessen on Freakonomic Radio. Thinking of Bitcoin as just a digital currency is like thinking about the Internet as just e-mail. Its potential is much more exciting than that.
Cloud Hashing CEO on Hardware, Network Growth and the Threat of Pools
TBI's Daily Bit - April 3, 2014 - What the IRS ruling will lead to.
Two-Bit Idiot
Curated by Stanislas Marion and published by Cooper Press.
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