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Bitcoin Weekly Issue 21
September 4, 2014
Bitcoin is Simply Better Money
While ambitious projects are grabbing attention, the next year or two are about building the core infrastructure for bitcoin that truly enables its broad use as the ideal money that it is.
Dan McArdle
How Bitcoin Actually Works [video]
One-hour long talk by the inventor of hypertext.
Ted Nelson
Inside one of the world's largest bitcoin mines
These exclusive photos provide a glimpse inside one of China’s largest bitcoin mines.
Hal Finney on Bitcoin: In His Own Words
Some quotes from the now deceased Bitcoin pioneer and genius cryptographer.
Stan Higgins
The State of Bitcoin P2P Network
Charts and explanation from the bitnodes project. In short, the network is largely concentrated in the US, not running up-to-date clients, and not that big.
Addy Yeow
Meet the man building the Fort Knox of Bitcoin
An interview with Wences Casares, CEO of insured wallet Xapo.
Ben Popper
How to Deal with the 10 Minute Bitcoin Confirmation Barrier
BlockCypher, an AWS for Bitcoin, implemented an API to get a confidence level on an unconfirmed transaction, allowing merchants to accept payments faster.
Catherine Nycholson
Korean Coinbase clone Korbit raises $3M Series A
Funding led by SoftBank Ventures Korea and Pantera Capital, with participation from BAM Ventures, and returning investors Bitcoin Opportunity Corp., Tim Draper, Pietro Dova, and Strong Ventures.
Catherine Shu
A small bitcoin client in C.
Jeff Garzik
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