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Bitcoin Weekly Issue 23
September 19, 2014
Out of the Spotlight, Bitcoin Gains Legitimacy
The price is tanking, the media do not talk about it anymore, but the ecosystem is maturing fast.
Cameron Graham
The BoE opens Pandora’s Bitcoin box
First of a a series of four articles that analyze the BoE report. There are always interesting nuggets in her articles, even though she is the antibitcoin.
Izabella Kaminska
Why Wall Street has yet to enter Bitcoin
Wall Street is not made of suckers. The Bitcoin cake isn’t big enough yet nor is it proven enough for them to be interested.
Jack C Liu
Sound Smart at #BitcoinConf
A sensible list of recommendations on how to talk about Bitcoin and not sound like a fool.
Two-Bit Idiot
It’s time to bring Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies into the computer science curriculum
Princeton professors have put together a series of online lectures on Bitcoin and recommend other faculty do the same.
Arvind Narayanan
Everyone's a Scammer
The contrarian case for hoarding your bitcoins when everyone tells you to spend them.
Michael Goldstein
Economics, Markets and Infrastructure
TeraExchange Receives US Approval to Launch First Bitcoin Derivative
The bitcoin swap, like other financial products of its kind, enables parties holding the instrument to hedge against fluctuations in the digital currency’s value.
Stan Higgins
Some Crypto Quibbles with Threadneedle Street
A discussion of the papers published by Bank of England. The author makes the assumption that the costs of mining are determined by the bitcoin price, which is far from obvious, has never been proven, and could be wrong.
Robert Sams
Bitcoin 101
Layman's Guide to Elliptic Curve Digital Signatures
The best primer on elliptic curves and the signing algorithm I’ve seen yet. Complete with charts.
The Royal Fork
Startups and Projects
Koinify Raises $1 Million for Smart Corporation Crowdfunding Platform
GreenAddress’ HD wallets and “sub” accounts
GreenAddress wallets become more user-friendly.
New Exchange SFOX Aims to Find Traders the Best Bitcoin Price
Bitcoin API Developer Gem Raises $2 Million in Seed Funding Joins Bitcoin API Race With Launch of PlugChain
Bitfinex Launches Tradable Mining Contracts Beta
Luxembourg Startup CoinPlus Closes Seed Funding Round
Huobi Launches USD Exchange With 24/7 Customer Support
Altcoins and Appcoins
Scalability, Part 1: Building on Top
First part of a series on the scalability of cryptocurrencies, and Ethereum in particular.
Vitalik Buterin
Code and Development
An Open Source Bitcoin Node For Developers by Coinbase
Toshi is a full Bitcoin node, that is 100% compatible with Bitcoin Core and makes it easy to build web applications. It provides an API to query blockchain data, is written in Ruby, and is backed by PostgreSQL.
Running the Bitcoin core daemon as a Docker container
Andreas Brekken
breadwallet iOS bitcoin wallet
Unlike other iOS bitcoin wallets, breadwallet is a real bitcoin client.
Aaron Voisine
The Ultimate Wallet
You want to make a Bitcoin wallet? Better read this to have a chance at getting it right.
Oleg Andreev
Lighthouse alpha now open source
This is probably interesting code to look at.
Mike Hearn
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