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Bitcoin Weekly Issue 27
October 16, 2014
Stop the BitLicense
The State of New York is proposing a “BitLicense” for people creating and innovating around virtual currencies like Bitcoin. It’s bad news for privacy and free speech. But we have a chance to change the proposal or even stop it altogether.
Bitcoin Wi-Fi System Enables Payments for Sharing Internet
This means that anyone with a connection to the Internet could soon be able to share their connection with complete strangers in exchange for bitcoins.
Kyle Torpey
Big Banks Are Confident in the Face of the Bitcoin Threat
It’s unclear whether big banks understand what Bitcoin really is about, and that it’s a different kind of competition than the one they’re used to.
Aaron Timms
A standard protocol for machines to negotiate bitcoin payments for resources
Not a new idea, but certainly needs to be rehashed once in a while until someone does it.
Brian Armstrong
Economics, Markets and Infrastructure
Does price still lead difficulty?
Price probably still leads difficulty, but it has not been a reliable predictor of the difficulty (except in the most general terms) since late 2012.
Organ Ofcorti
Blocksize Economics
Gavin discusses the economic arguments he’s heard for keeping the 1MB blocksize limit, and explain why he thinks increasing the limit makes economic sense.
Gavin Andresen
Dell Becomes Bitcoin Mining Data Center Provider
Weekly Bitcoin Network Statistics
Organ Ofcorti
Legal and Regulations
Lawsky: Bitcoin Developers and Miners Exempt from BitLicense
Developers, miners and individuals using bitcoin will generally not be regulated by the impending ‘BitLicense’ proposals, according to Benjamin Lawsky.
Nermin Hajdarbegovic
Bitcoin 101
The Math Behind Bitcoin
This might be a little more advanced than 101. It’s very much worth a read though as it goes in many more details than other articles on this topic.
Eric Rykwalder
Startups and Projects
WinkDex just launched an iOS app - Payroll software that supports cryptocurrencies
New Bitcoin Wallet App Targets Philippines Remittance Market
Digital Asset Liquidity Provider Melotic Closes $1.175 Million Seed Round
Send. Receive. Lock.
Locks enables everyone to utilize the Bitcoin payment network without price volatility.
Altcoins and Appcoins
All Things Alt: Block Chain Notaries, Bottle-Backed Coins and a Darkcoin Update
Although the risk of project collapse is still out there, as recent failures like ghostcoin have shown, recent developments in the space indicate that the altcoin story is far from over.
Stan Higgins
Thoughts on the 2.0 space
Most altcoins have overpromised and undelivered, however it might be too soon to judge yet.
Tim Swanson
Code and Development
Open-Source Tool Identifies Weak Bitcoin Wallet Signatures
This looks pretty good.
Filippo Valsorda
Bayesian regression and Bitcoin
This paper discusses the method of Bayesian regression and its efficacy for predicting price variation of Bitcoin.
Devavrat Shah, Kang Zhang
Compile Bitcoin Core on Raspberry Pi (Raspbian)
Running a full node on a Raspberry Pi makes a lot of sense since it consumes so little power.
Deploying Your Own Toshi API Bitcoin Node Using CoreOS + Docker + AWS
Soroush Pour
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