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Bitcoin Weekly Issue 29
October 31, 2014
Coinbase: Introducing Multisig Vault
You can now control your own private keys on Coinbase. This is big.
Blockchain Investigation: Tracking Moolah Bitcoin Addresses
A nice post on how to track bitcoin flows in the public blockchain.
UBS CIO: Blockchain Technology Can Massively Simplify Banking
There is a new trend among the incumbents of the financial world: they have now accepted that blockchain tech is revolutionary. It’s a good step forward.
Anna Irrera
Straight Off the Chain
Two-Bit Idiot briefly explains why he is bullish on Sidechains and why they’re a great thing for Bitcoin
Two-Bit Idiot
[tweetstorm] @balajis on Bitcoin enabled AIs
Balaji is probably the person who tweets the most intriguing and interesting things on Twitter about Bitcoin. In this tweetstorm, he compares a self-replicating AI with a bitcoin wallet to a live self-replicating cell.
Balaji Srinivasan
Apple Pay + MCX = Bitcoin (Ideally)
Two-Bit Idiot talks about the implications of the competition between Apple Pay and CurrentC.
Two-Bit Idiot
Economics, Markets and Infrastructure
Weekly Bitcoin Network Statistics
Organ Ofcorti
Legal and Regulations
FinCEN Rules Bitcoin Payment Processors, Exchanges are Money Transmitters
FinCEN has released new guidance for custodial bitcoin exchanges and payment processors, ruling that such companies may be considered money services businesses under US law.
Pete Rizzo
Bitcoin 101
Fred Wilson explains sidechains for the layperson.
Fred Wilson
What is Bitcoin? The Best Money in Human History
The author debunks a few myths about money and goes on to explain why Bitcoin is the best money ever.
Startups and Projects
Boost VC Demo Day: Meet Tribe 4's Bitcoin Startups
Spondoolies-Tech Takes Aim at BitFury With $5 Million Funding Round
LedgerX Gets Google, Lightspeed Backing to Set Up Regulated Bitcoin Options Exchange
Bitcoin Authenticator
Decentralized two-factor authentication built right into your wallet
Bitreserve Launches With Real-Time Transparency Data
VAStaffer Helps You Turn Bitcoin Into Free Time
Altcoins and Appcoins
A look at a few Questions and Misconceptions regarding Pegged Sidechains
Matt Corallo from Blockstream addresses some misconceptions and a few concerns regarding the integration of sidechains into the Bitcoin ecosystem
Matt Corallo
A Simple Explanation of Bitcoin “Sidechains”
A great, longer, more in-depth explanation of sidechains, yet still targeted to the lay person.
Richard Gendal Brown
Code and Development
An architecture for the Internet of Money
This paper looks at the applications of cryptographic ledgers in the current financial system and aims to stimulate the discussion.
Meher Roy
A system for monitoring+querying real-time Bitcoin P2P network data pulled from a btcd full-node. Built using InfluxDB, NGINX, Grafana, and Docker.
Olaoluwa Osuntokun
btcsim: simulating the rise of Bitcoin
btcsim is a tool used to simulate the growth of a blockchain, where a user can specify the block sizes.
Simple and secure routing based on Bitcoin cryptography.
Realtime Bitcoin Node Stats
Jameson Lopp
Bitcoin mining is NP-hard
This post is a theoretical curiosity, on the fact that being an optimal Bitcoin miner is in fact NP-hard.
Joseph Bonneau
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