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Bitcoin Weekly Issue 3
April 10, 2014
Squaring the Triangle: Secure, Decentralized, Human-Readable Names
Aaron Swartz explains the concept of proof-of-work applied to the DNS in very simple words.
The Irony in Bitcoin’s Growing Pains
Witty summary of Bitcoin’s fast and furious ascent into the spotlight.
A very fast history of cryptocurrencies before Bitcoin
Five Red Flags that Preceded Neo & Bee's Collapse
Post-mortem of Neo & Bee’s swift drift into oblivion. A warranted and sobering reminder that Bitcoin’s community is full of scammers. Do your own due diligence.
The Most Definitive Bitcoin Tax Guide You Will See Anywhere (US only)
By Ryan Selkis, aka Two-Bit Idiot.
Development / Code
NoSQL Meets Bitcoin and Brings Down Two Exchanges: The Story of Flexcoin and Poloniex
Two exchanges suffered thefts due to the use of inconsistent NoSQL datastores such as MongoDB. Don’t repeat their mistakes.
[VIDEO] How to Create a Custom Bitcoin Client in Go
A reading list for learning to program Bitcoin transactions
The Content section contains a reading list which emphasizes programming Bitcoin transactions. The Code section contains a list of open-source bitcoin projects ranging from modern popular tools to early historic implementations.
Nate Murray
[VIDEO] Mike Hearn on Coming Bitcoin Protocol Updates
Bitcoin Price Drops 10% as Chinese Exchanges Stop Bank Deposits
It’s actually more than 10% now. Some Chinese exchanges have been receiving official notices by PBOC to stop processing bank deposits, sending the price through the $400 support.
French Retail Chain Monoprix to Accept Bitcoin Payments This Year
Unforeseen development in France, which has stayed on the sidelines of Bitcoin so far.
Legal / Law
Congressman Stockman Seeks to Introduce Bill to Congress Declaring Bitcoin A Currency, Not Property
NYU Law School and Business School will offer a class on Bitcoin in fall
[PODCAST] Sidechain Innovation
Adam Back (creator of hashcash) and Austin Hill discuss their new idea: Sidechains. Sidechains is a new concept that would enable Bitcoin staging and experimenting without creating an independent blockchain like today’s altcoins.
Blockchain 2.0 – Let a Thousand Chains Blossom
High-quality Reddit thread about Sidechains that enable two-way pegging the Bitcoin blockchain. Includes comments from Adam Back, inventor of the Sidechain idea, and Gregory Maxwell, Bitcoin Core developer.
Two-way pegging (Re: is there a way to do bitcoin-staging?)
bitcoin-development mailing-list thread about the breakthrough two-way pegging idea, which enables sidechains and therefore staging of bitcoin features.
BitGo Launches Multi-Signature Bitcoin Security Solutions for the Enterprise
Until now, many enterprises faced challenges using Bitcoin due to the risks associated with securing and accessing Bitcoin assets.
Inside Bitcoins NYC Day 2 Showcases A Maturing, Legitimate Industry
Gavin Andresen Steps Down as Bitcoin's Lead Developer
Gavin Andresen will focus on his job as Chief Scientist in order to make sure the blockchain scales while staying secure. Wladimir van der Laan, CS PhD, will be taking over the role of Lead Developer.
What Is Bitcoin Mining
Mining is an unfortunate word that obfuscates the very important fact that miners are contributing to making the network function and secure.
What is Bitcoin?
Set of frequently asked questions about Bitcoin.
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