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Bitcoin Weekly Issue 30
November 7, 2014
It’s just a game: a handful of scenarios in the Bitcoin world
The author imagines a few future scenarios for Bitcoin, thinking about how mining and forking might evolve.
Michele Spagnuolo
Bitcoin Against Ebola
Please consider supporting the fight against Ebola in Sierra Leone with a Bitcoin donation today.
Economics, Markets and Infrastructure
7 Transactions Per Second? Really?
Interesting analysis of the evolution transaction per second rate. Blocks are becoming congested, and the network is now far from able of achieving the theoretical 7 tps.
Dave Hudson
Weekly Bitcoin Network Statistics
Organ Ofcorti
Startups and Projects
BitX Opens Feature-Rich Bitcoin Exchange in Malaysia
Buttercoin Bids to Take US Business From Global Bitcoin Exchanges
PayPal Exec Leaves to Take Compliance Lead at Bitstamp
BitPay launches Bitcoin Checkout: One-Tap Mobile Bitcoin Payments
Bitcoin-Friendly Accelerator Boost VC Raises $6.6 Million in Funding
Fidor, Kraken Unite to Launch 'World's First Cryptocurrency Bank'
Social Tipping Tool For Meme-Themed Dogecoin Raises $446K
Code and Development
TradeBlock XBX Index Data Now Publicly Available
Tradeblock explains how they compute their index.
Proof of unique blockchain storage
The author thinks about the security of the network, how it relates to the number of nodes, and how to prove that you have a copy of the blockchain.
Sergio Lerner
Curated by Stanislas Marion and published by Cooper Press.
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