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Bitcoin Weekly Issue 32
November 21, 2014
Standard and Riches – Blockchain technology turns finance into software
A very simple yet powerful example of the massive effects of a programmable decentralized currency.
Lennart Lopin
The Unbundling of Trust: how to identify good cryptocurrency opportunities?
As usual, fantastic piece by Richard Brown, who takes a step back from all the buzzwords and analyses ideas in the light of the real innovation brought by Bitcoin: decentralized consensus.
Richard Gendal Brown
Bitcoin Rising
In a time when many people have opened their mind to blockchain tech but invariably doubt Bitcoin the currency, Gyft founder explains why he believes Bitcoin will win over the other altcoins.
Vinny Lingham
A sobering piece on the risks inherent to mining centralization incurred by the Bitcoin ecosystem. There is also a discussion about core development, which I find less convincing.
Two-Bit Idiot
The Future of the Bitcoin Ecosystem and Trustless Trust – Why I Invested in Blockstream
By the founder of LinkedIn. Other investors include Khosla Ventures, Google’s Eric Schmidt and Yahoo founder Jerry Yang.
Reid Hoffman
Stellar, Bitcoin, and the Psychology of Trust
A nice perspective on trust and whether people really want a trustless system like Bitcoin.
Arianna Simpson
Feature Friday: Distributed Identity
Fred Wilson on why distributed identity is important and his new investment in Onename.
Fred Wilson
Economics, Markets and Infrastructure
Feds to auction 50,000 bitcoins from Dread Pirate Roberts
That piece of news was coincidental with a beautiful pump-and-dump.
Jeff John Roberts
Spectral density of bitcoin transaction rates
Intra-day transaction rate cycles have existed since 2011. Intra-week transaction cycles began to appear in 2013.
Organ Ofcorti
Weekly Bitcoin Network Statistics
Organ Ofcorti
Bloomberg Speed Round
A good summary of what was said during this event.
Two-Bit Idiot
Daily and weekly bitcoin transaction cycles
Since the start of 2014 daily transaction rates have exhibited a weekly cycle and hourly transaction rates a daily cycle.
Organ Ofcorti
The Future Of Bitcoin Transaction Fees?
In-depth analysis of the evolution of transaction fees and costs, notably in relation to block-reward halving. Right now, the costs are very high in terms of USD.
Legal and Regulations
Finland Classifies Bitcoin as VAT-Exempt Financial Service
Startups and Projects
Multisig Done Right: Launching Co-Sign Pages and Multisig API (M-of-15)
Today for the first time, anyone can create a multi-signature shared account on Coinkite.
ChangeTip Reveals New Metrics Amid Surge in Bitcoin Tipping
Wedbush Securities Funds Buttercoin in First Bitcoin Investment
Blockstream closes $21M seed round
The most impressive team, by far, with the most ambitious project, by far.
Spanish Bank Backs Decentralised Bitcoin Exchange Coinffeine
Bitrefill Brings Mobile Credit Buying with Bitcoin to 113 Countries
Introducing the Coinbase Tip Button
It will be interesting to see whether this takes off or not…
Bitmarkets - private decentralized marketplaces
SpectroCoin Launches Bitcoin-to-Cash Service in 25 Countries
Bitcoin Price versus Bitcoin Tweets
Use at your own risk :)
Pablo Reyes
Altcoins and Appcoins
Counterparty founders AMA
Counterparty creates a free and open marketplace directly on the Bitcoin blockchain, effectively extending Bitcoin’s functionality from a peer-to-peer payment network into a full-fledged peer-to-peer financial platform.
On Bitcoin Maximalism, and Currency and Platform Network Effects
A well-written (although long) round-up on the difference between metacoins, sidechains and standalone platforms such as Ethereum that explains the problems they are all trying to solve and the trade-offs involved.
Vitalik Buterin
Code and Development
Atomic cross chain exchange
The author doesn’t believe in Bitcoin being the one and only cryptocurrency, and offers an alternative to sidechains: atomic exchanges between cryptocurrencies.
Thomas Young
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