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Bitcoin Weekly Issue 34
December 5, 2014
[pdf] Pantera Capital's December newsletter
Well worth a read. This issue is focused on micropayments.
Pantera Capital
[pdf] Is Bitcoin the future?
A very respected macro investor’s point of view on Bitcoin.
John Mauldin
The Miner's Dilemma
Very good news for Bitcoin: competition among miners should keep pools sizes in check.
Ittay Eyal
Identity and The Blockchain: Key Questions We Need to Solve
Thought-provoking piece on the problems of identifying people and entities in a decentralized system. Sounds like cryptography might have some answers for him though. (Zero-knowledge proofs)
Richard Gendal Brown
There is only one blockchain and it's called Bitcoin
A simple argument that only one blockchain can exist because of the cost of security. He makes too many assumptions of perfect market conditions in my mind though.
Oleg Andreev
Bitcoiners: Surely we can do Buiter than this?
The author breaks down the analogy between gold mining and bitcoin mining. They are not the same.
David Andolfatto
Economics, Markets and Infrastructure
Weekly Bitcoin Network Statistics
Startups and Projects
Bitcoin Exchange Igot Expands to Over 40 Countries
ChangeTip Raises $3.5 Million in Seed Round for Bitcoin Micropayments
USD Wallets on Coinbase
Coinbase is on its way to become a full-fledged bank.
Meet OneWallet, the New Auction Site for Bitcoiners
BTC China's New Pool Mines 3,325 BTC in Five Weeks
Yet another exchange, that displays real-time proof of reserves.
Earthport and Ripple Bring Crypto Tech to Cross-Border Payments Adds Notifications
There are 4 events: address activity, new transactions, new blocks, watch transaction.
Digibyte Raises $250k to Develop Altcoin for Retail Payments
Code and Development
Linux shell commands for Bitcoin
Intended for sysadmins interested in bitcoin and advanced linux users. By chaining all these commands together in different ways, you can maintain a wallet, work with deterministic keys, generate QR codes.
[video] A Technical Deep Dive into Foxtrot with the CEO of Bitpay
Stephen Pair
For Ruby fols that want to start playing with Sidechains.
Andy Alness
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