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Bitcoin Weekly Issue 35
December 12, 2014
Bitcoin for Rockstars
The author is artist-in-residence at Spotify and shares his fascinating views on how the blockchain could solve the biggest problem in music: the lack of a central database of pieces of music and who owns the rights to it.
D A Wallach
[Must read] The dawn of trustworthy computing
One of the most prominent, smartest and mysterious thinkers in the cryptocurrency space explains how the blockchain completely flips the trust models we have always used upside down.
Nick Szabo
The Shared Data Layer of The Blockchain Application Stack
Joel Monegro continues his series, this time diving into the shared data layer that comprises the bitcoin blockchain as well as overlay networks. He studies what the possibility of storing data in the blockchain entails for developers and users.
Joel Monegro
FirstMark Director: Bitcoin Needs Entrepreneurs Who Understand Money
An interesting piece/interview. Bitcoin entrepreneurs are too quick to dismiss the current financial system on dubious political or emotional arguments without really understanding how it works, at their own risk.
Pete Rizzo
Mini AMA by Ryan X Charles, Reddit's newest cryptocurrency engineer
Formerly of Bitpay, he joined Reddit to help them with their plans of using cryptocurrencies and assets to share wealth with their users.
Ryan X Charles
The ChangeTipping Point
Two-Bit Idiot reflects on his investment in ChangeTip and microtipping/payments in general.
Two-Bit Idiot
Economics, Markets and Infrastructure
Measures of network hashrate centralisation
A study of centralization of the Bitcoin network over time. Good news: nothing indicates that centralization has been increasing. Actually, some indicators would lead to the oposite conclusion.
Weekly Bitcoin Network Statistics
Bitcoin Black Friday 2014 Recap
Sounds like they tried to cover up a crushingly weak outcome.
Pool Wars?
A study of the block withholding attack.
SecondMarket: Syndicate Bidders Real Winners of Bitcoin Auction
Historical centralisation of bitcoin network block creation
Follow up on his previous blogpost on the measure of centralization.
Legal and Regulations
New York State Tax Agency: Bitcoin Buyers Don’t Need to Pay Sales Tax
Bitcoin 101
What’s a Smart Contract? In search of a consensus.
This is quite a bit more complex than typical bitcoin 101 stuff, it’s basically smart contracts 101, from all angles.
Florian Gatz
Startups and Projects
Blade Financial
White-label Bitcoin debit cards by an Amex veteran.
Asian Exchange Quoine Raises $2 Million for Global Expansion
Microsoft Chooses BitPay to Power Bitcoin Payments
Pretty big news!
BitPay Security Disclosure
Deployment practices at Blockchain seem to be very unprofessional and reminiscent of MtGox’s. This saddens me a lot as I used to love them, but I can’t recommend using their wallet any more.
Blocksign is a blockchain service for legally signing any document, contract, or agreement.
Learn more or view a document record that has been saved on the blockchain
Ledger Wallet - Smartcard based hardware Bitcoin wallet
This should become the most secure solution to date, that works even on compromised machines.
Altcoins and Appcoins
Bitcoin and Cryptocurrencies: Elastic Money Supply
Introduction to Bitcoin and Hayek Money, a new cryptocurrency generation with elastic money supply. How to engineer Hayek Money using Seigniorage Shares.
Ferdinando Ametrano
Why the Stellar Forking Issue Does Not Affect Ripple
Ripple founder retorts Stellar’s criticisms of Ripple’s protocol.
Stefan Thomas
Safety, liveness and fault tolerance—the consensus choices
The Stellar network experienced a fork because of a weakness embedded in its consensus protocol. They have decided to fix it by using only one validating node until a stronger protocol is come up with, so they’ve become totally centralised…
Code and Development
testnet-faucet: Simple Testnet Faucet API in Node.js
Royal Fork
The Script object provides an interface to construct, parse, and identify bitcoin scripts. It also gives simple interfaces to create most common script types. This class is useful if you want to create custom input or output scripts.
Manuel Araoz
Empower Your App with BitPay’s Mobile SDK
[video] Airbnb Tech Talk: Decentralized Payments with Bitcoin
A deep dive into the blockchain, and look at how transactions are generated and broadcast in a completely trustless peer-to-peer network and a lot of other things.
Adrian Macneil
Type safety and RNGs
Must read piece on the problems of buggy implementations of random number generators due to the lack of type safety among other things.
Mike Hearn
fullnode: JavaScript bitcoin library.
Ryan X Charles has written an Javascript Bitcoin Script interpreter that passes the same test suite as Bitcoin Core’s
Ryan X. Charles
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