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Bitcoin Weekly Issue 36
December 21, 2014
We'll be back on January 9th - have a happy holiday season!
ChangeTip Must Die
A harsh title, but the author offers legitimate concerns.
Emin Gun Sirer
Why ASICs may be good for Bitcoin
Great piece on the widely misunderstood consequences of ASIC mining having no outside utility.
Joseph Bonneau
[tweetstorm] @balajis on Bitcoin investment and apps
It sparked a great debate, chiefly about whether Bitcoin apps can exist with a price close to $0.
Balaji Srinivasan
Why Bitcoin Apps and Bitcoin Speculators Need Each Other
Thoughtful piece on how speculators and makers are both parts of the same virtuous cycle.
Adam Ludwin
Fast & Steady Progress
A good and short summary of 2014.
Two-Bit Idiot
Bitcoin has become too powerful for regulators to shut it down
Response to the bear case scenario also included herein. The gist of it is that if governments clamp down on Bitcoin now or later, they will eradicate legitimate uses but not illegal ones.
Timothy B Lee
Bitcoin’s financial network is doomed
The most logical bear case: governments will crush Bitcoin if it ever becomes a real threat to their sovereignty on money.
Henry Farrell
Bitcoin is Going Mainstream in 2015
A bullish case on Bitcoin by Newegg, based in large part on the observations that more and more large companies are accepting Bitcoin.
Economics, Markets and Infrastructure
Time Inc Becomes First Major Magazine Publisher to Accept Bitcoin
This will be an interesting experiment.
Pete Rizzo
Overstock's 2014 Bitcoin Sales Miss Projections at $3 Million
Unsurprisingly, people who live in rich countries don’t want to go through the hassle of buying stuff online with bitcoins.
Pete Rizzo
Calculating the mining centralisation index
An explanation of how it is computed
Weekly Bitcoin Network Statistics
Weekly Bitcoin Mining Pool Statistics
Legal and Regulations
BitLicense 2.0
Big and pretty good news!
Two-Bit Idiot
Bitcoin 101
Bitcoin: Clarifying the Foundational Innovation of the Blockchain
Back to basics. Although this is old news, it is worth repeating from time to time.
Albert Wenger
Bitcoin and the Double-Spending Problem
A thorough explanation of what double-spending is and how Bitcoin purports to solve it.
Erik Bonadonna
Startups and Projects
Eris Industries just launched it Distributed Application Software Stack
It’s derived from Ethereum.
Cryptocurrency Bank
A banking home for the crypto community! By Kraken and Fidor.
Mycelium Bitcoin Wallet on the App Store on iTunes
What Adam Draper Saw That Sam Altman Didn’t
PeerNova Raises $8.6 Million to Refocus on Blockchain Tech
Ledger Wallet, the €29.00 hardware Bitcoin wallet
A review from a buyer. His conclusion: The Ledger Wallet, is a lot better than using an online wallet or messing around with paper wallets, but less convenient than my Trezor. I also feel less secure without the hardware display of my Trezor.
Andreas Brekken
Altcoins and Appcoins
Decentralized VR spec
A spec for a decentralized VR world based on Namecoin.
Steve Dekorte
Code and Development
A Novel Approach For Computer Worm Control Using Decentralized Data Structures
This is incredibly devious and smart: control a worm via the blockchain to withstand any risk of getting shut down.
Douglas Roffel, Christopher Garret
Bitcoin M-of-N Multisig P2SH implemented in Go
Soroush Pour
Clean your Bitcoin-QT wallet of unwanted dust
Peter Todd
4 Bitcoin-related Final projects of Computer Systems Security course at MIT
CheckBits, TorCoin, Merkelized Abstract Syntax Trees, Dryer21
[Bitcoin-development] Setting the record straight on Proof-of-Publication
Great round-up on proof-of-publication/proof-of-existence concepts.
Peter Todd
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