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Bitcoin Weekly
Provenance is a killer app for Bitcoin, here applied to the wine industry.
Bitcoin, Ebola orphans, and the fight to revolutionize the international payments market.
Brian Patrick Eha
While not about Bitcoin specifically, this article is well worth a read. The three myths are: money emerges from barter, money is a commodity, modern money is created by central banks.
Brett Scott
The classic “Bitcoin is the TCP/IP of money” is pushed a bit further than usual.
William Mougayar
Some perspective on the recent price decline and why it’s not the end of the world.
Timothy B Lee
What I feel to be a poorly researched article, full of logical fallacies and blunt affirmations with no backing whatsoever.
Gary North
Bitcoin is best thought of as a 5- to 10-year project, and we’re at the very early stages. An (admittedly imperfect) analogy is the early Web.
Jerry Brito
In which the stability myth is debunked, and why Bitcoin is fit to be money in an unstable world.
Daniel Krawisz
In which Izabella, amid a condescending victory rant in which she assumes Bitcoin is dead, argues that open source and the internet haven’t improved the world.
Izabella Kaminska
Economics, Markets and Infrastructure
A discussion of the price drop, ensuing miners woes, and logical fall of the hashrate and difficulty, all due to the delay between the price bubble and the mining bubble.
Paul Vigna, Mike J Casey
Legal and Regulations
The confusion seems to stem from the idea that, because governments have not taken steps to regulate the currency specifically, it is therefore unregulated. Using the U.S. legal context as an example, this backgrounder will show that it is not really accurate to say that Bitcoin is an unregulated digital currency.
Jerry Brito
Startups and Projects
Code and Development
A great explanation of how he hacked into an open-source exchange, exposing common security holes that exchange software makers should bear in mind.
War room story of how Bitstamp and BitGo pushed a multi-sig hot wallet in production in 48 hours in the wake of the Bitstamp hack.
Ben Davenport
The language is stack based, with high level data types and primitivesand scrict static type checking. Its design is insipired by Forth,Scheme, ML and Cat.
L M Goodman
Decentralized trustless video streaming using bitcoin payment channels
Not very technical per se. A description of what Adept, the blockchain-based Internet of Things platform from IBM and Samsung is.
Two-Bit Idiot
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