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The founder of a Bitcoin-based remittance service in the Philippines explains his vision of the future and the nuts and bolts of building a remittance service.
Luis Buenaventura
Brilliant, forward-looking picture of how the real potential of Bitcoin lies not in getting 5% cashback on online purchases, but in enabling a whole new class of transactions and floating markets between machines.
Andrew Barisser
The Bitcoin blockchain could be used to trace pricy objects such as diamonds.
Financial Times
100% accurate.
Byrne Reese
I think Kaminska continues to misunderstand tech.
Izabella Kaminska
Bitcoin holds huge promise to stabilise and cheapen remittance flows to Africa.
Will Swanson
Quite a contrarian opinion nowadays. The author thinks Bitcoin is gaining legitimacy in terms of regulations and companies that use it, and is setting itself up to go mainstream.
Gregg Early
Economics, Markets and Infrastructure
David breaks down the opportunity for bitcoin in the Middle East and North Africa
David El Achkar
Organ of Corti
Organ of Corti
Organ of Corti
We can’t be certain that holding bitcoin today is a good investment, only that historically even short term bitcoin investments have tended to be better more often than worse.
Organ of Corti
Legal and Regulations
A blunt review of the revisions to the BitLicense posted this week.
Two-Bit Idiot
Startups and Projects
The all new snappy Android Bitcoin Wallet with multisig and hardware wallets support
The latest provocative product from the Darkwallet crew: the blackmarket running on the bitcoin block chain for leaking confidential secrets, hollywood movies, software exploits and so on.
Zozan Cudi
Really excited to see if this works out or not.
A service that facilitates the use of OP_RETURN to publish messages.
To solve this problem we started working on Mondome, a platform that let people know the best option to send money from any country to another.
Pelle Braendgaard
Altcoins and Appcoins
Epicenter Bitcoin
I’m skeptical, but we’ll see, maybe they’re onto something :) Neucoin is a proof-of-stake based cryptocurrency focused on micropayments.
Pete Rizzo
Code and Development
Really good stuff.
Awesome web app to play with Script, complete with a stack visualizer.
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