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Listen to what this guy has to say, he’s smart.
Balaji Srinivasan
A deep dive in the business of airlines and how Bitcoin fits in. Seems like a match made in heaven.
Akif Khan, VP Bitnet
An almost unopinionated summary of 2014.
Jack Gavigan
Awesome approach to Bitcoin regulation, based on Internet regulation and smart economic reasoning.
Eli Dourado
There is a lot of optimism everywhere, and that is worrisome. Good sobering piece.
William Mougayar
Despite a big increase in the number of merchants accepting Bitcoin, the cryptocurrency doesn’t have much momentum in retail transactions.
Mike Orcutt
A good post, I especially like the first part where Ryan criticises the typical Bitcoin pitch.
Two-Bit Idiot
A good post. Bitcoin stacks up well against any form of money that has ever existed.
Nick Tomaino
In theory, he’s probably right, open markets are better at price discovery than central planning. In practice, what he proposes represents a huge amount of work.
Justus Ranvier
Economics, Markets and Infrastructure
A very real threat to Bitcoin, but there is cause to be optimistic, as even with the huge price drop that we’ve witnessed this year, the problem still hasn’t materialized.
Brad Templeton
This is an adaptation of a report prepared last summer, a deeper look into the activities of the Willy trading bot.
Analysis of the waiting times for blocks and how they vary when the hashrate increases or decreases.
Dave Hudson
A very long discussion of the block size increase topic. The author quotes a bunch of interesting people. The only real conclusion though is that no one has a clue what will happen.
Tim Swanson
Organ of Corti
Organ of Corti
Organ of Corti
Legal and Regulations
A collaborative effort to explain what they are, how they differ and which you should use.
Ian Grigg
The market for cryptocurrencies looks similar to the market for traditional securities. However, these limited similarities belie several important distinctions between the two.
Jason Somensatto
Bitcoin 101
Superb introduction, very accessible.
Richard Gendal Brown
Startups and Projects
BitMoby is a way to buy international mobile top-up (prepaid mobile phone credit or airtime) using Bitcoin
I’ve had a similar experience, no amount of parallax or slick animations will outweigh an excruciatingly painful process.
Michael Arrington
Go Ledger!
Code and Development
A lot of very nice changes. The biggest novelty is the introduction of libconsensus, a library that factors the consensus-critical code and can be embedded safely in other implementations of Bitcoin.
If you are using a wallet that is built upon BitcoinJ, such as Android Wallet, Multibit and Hive Wallet, you have little wire privacy.
Jonas Nick
In this work, a modified version of the bitcoin protocol is introduced. Its impact on the delay of information dissemination in the bitcoin network is discussed.
Chrysoula Stathakopoulou
Peter Wuille
Bitcoin shares many of the fundamental challenges of key management known from other domains, but may present a unique opportunity to rethink key management for end users.
Concordia U, ETH Zurich
A local service that runs in your datacenter to handle client-side Bitcoin operations involving customer keys.
Benedict Chan
A well argued cry to rally behind Bitcoin Core’s libconsensus. All the rest can be reimplemented as pleased.
Peter Todd
Fantastic tool to get started programming Bitcoin. Makes a lot of the often unwieldy manipulations very smooth and eases the learning curve.
Very thoughtful design, that includes miners fees to acknowledge that the backend storage relies on them.
Sergio Damian Lerner
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