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That’s also pretty big news. Although Masters’ reputation is not perfect, she is a heavy hitter from Wall Street, and joining the ranks of Bitcoin. Hopefully she doesn’t make the whole thing explode.
Michael Casey
Cofounder Balaji Srinivasan says a little about his effort to push Bitcoin towards mass adoption. Exciting stuff to say the least!
Balaji Srinivasan
This article addresses the question of whether the possibility of a level of scale of 1 billion users should be immediately dismissed or should be considered.
Justus Ranvier
The correspondent banking process can be made cheaper and faster using the type of peer-to-peer technology underlying Bitcoin. A decentralized ledger that does not require an intermediary to keep track of payments can connect buyer and seller banks directly.
Houman Shadab
Bitcoin micropayments, enabling people to rent out their bandwidth, and mesh networks could prove a powerful solution to the last mile monopoly problem.
Peter Van Valkenburgh
A slightly clickbaity title notwithstanding, that article is interesting because it shows how the community responds to threats or things that look like threats.
Kyle Torpey
Economics, Markets and Infrastructure
Organ of Corti
A lot of pools are undergoing DDOS attacks.
Organ of Corti
A summary of the winners and a visualization of the transactions.
Danno Ferrin
Now includes fees per transaction
Organ of Corti
Wildly speculative, but has a point: the lion share of bitcoin trading volume happens in China.
South China Morning Post
Bitcoin 101
If you’ve had trouble grasping blocks or chains or the combination thereof, this video is for you
Startups and Projects
Code and Development
A new messaging protocol layer atop Bitcoin.
Chris Pacia
The first systematic exposition of the second generation of cryptocurrencies, including Bitcoin and the many alternatives that have been implemented as alternate protocols or “altcoins.”
Princeton University
A new ECDSA threshold signature scheme that is particularly well-suited for securing Bitcoin wallets.Threshold signatures can be thought of as “stealth multi-signatures.”
Princeton University
A bash CLI script
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