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Fantastic post about the politics surrounding the block size debate, and Bitcoin governance.
Arvind Narayanan
A compilation of the various opinions from people with clout in Bitcoin Core development (though what really matters is what the miners think)
Gavin Andresen wrote a series of posts on why he thinks we should roll out bigger blocks soon.
Gavin Andresen
Ideas on proof-of-work, with 3D and DNA printers
Jeremy Rubin
Eli Dourado proposes to use future markets to decide the block size debates and future controversial developments.
Eli Dourado
Mike Hearn explains why we should launch bigger blocks.
Mike Hearn
I think Kaminska still doesn’t understand technology, innovation, networks, etc. Somebody please build a time-machine to send her back to the 19th century.
Izabella Kaminska
Economics, Markets and Infrastructure
Earlier this week bitcoin markets saw relatively dramatic price movement across the major exchanges.
Important things are happening.
Two-Bit Idiot
Block size and hash rate have both plateaued
Organ of Corti still unlucky, not communicating about it, could be fishy.
Organ of Corti
Unknowns over 5%.
Organ of Corti
Legal and Regulations
An analysis of itBit’s recent licensing.
Houman Shadab
“We should explore ways to help law enforcement innovate, and to innovate ourselves, so the full potential of the blockchain can be realized in the years to come.”
Jason Weinstein
MIT Medialab’s Brian Forde on the NY Bitlicense’s shortcomings.
Brian Forde
“The answer is yes, patented and copyrighted software is fundamentally incompatible with blockchain technology” by the CEO of Bitpay
Stephen Pair
A comprehensive diagram on the flow of cryptocurrencies, along with explanations.
Tim Swanson
FinCEN has fined Ripple Labs and its subsidiary XRP II a combined $700,000 for “willful violations” of the Bank Secrecy Act (BSA).
Bitcoin 101
Back to basics. Read that if you still don’t understand why Bitcoin exists.
Richard Gendal Brown
Startups and Projects
Passcards are a digital form of identity and access control designed to initially replace passwords, and in the future, replace forms of physical identification like passports and driver’s licenses.
Code and Development
BitGo has the change bug, which allows to identify transactions created with it, thereby enabling tracking of some very interesting transactions like deposits and withdrawals to Bitstamp.
Bitcoin Core developer Greg Maxwell will discuss recent privacy work, future multisignature technology, and other things.
Greg Maxwell
Really interesting post on finding bugs in reimplemented consensus code.
Jonas Nick
Nice profile of the super smart Andrew Miller
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