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Most insightful post in a while. The author (a notable infosec engineer) gives advice as to how to steer Bitcoin, and more broadly, cryptocurrencies to success from an engineering point of view.
Tony Arcieri
Balaji reveals his (quite cryptic and befuddling) plan to take over the world. I am betting they know something we don’t. Also, that’s an impressive board.
Balaji Srinivasan
It looks like only the hot wallet was compromised, and only a small amount was there (relatively speaking) but the Reddit thread seems to have uncovered that Bitfinex is in trouble. I’m cashing out of there.
Adam Draper on why he is still very enthusiastic about Bitcoin.
Adam Draper
An analysis of the Nasdaq Bitcoin experiment.
Ian Grigg
Read if you want to know what it’s like when Izabella Kaminska makes a victory dance, however questionable that victory is.
Izabella Kaminska
The blockchain decouples financial products from financial infrastructure, and as such becomes the financial cloud.
Adam Ludwin
Nothing really new here, but it’s not a random guy on the internet saying it this time. “Bitcoin has a strong shot at defining the cryptocapital space for years to come, at becoming a market-dominating force that will create massive value.”
Reid Hoffman
Economics, Markets and Infrastructure
Organ of Corti
As of May 21, bitcoin price volatility touched its lowest level since the start of 2015. If historical trends surrounding periods of low volatility are reliable indicators, bitcoin markets may be poised for notably larger price moves in the coming weeks.
Another step into the mainstream.
Hashrate plateau holds and tx fees heading toward 0.5%.
Organ of Corti
Organ of Corti
Bitcoin 101
Ok, this is a little beyond 101, but it’s a very accessible post.
Emin gun Sirer
“The ledger, blockchain, is just a single coin of bit gold with scarcity maintained by a growing proof of work. Hence “bit coin”, singular.”
Oleg Andreev
Startups and Projects
Wences Casares
Stream live video and get paid via Bitcoin micro-channels.
Manuel Araoz
Altcoins and Appcoins
“The ideas behind Namecoin represent an elegant middle ground. But to be viable, such a system should support a broad enough set of uses to be interesting yet narrow enough to be simple and tractable for developers and users. In addition, it needs to get the game theory right.”
Miles Carksten
Code and Development
The authors describe optimisations that enable scalable execution of thousands of Bitcoin nodes on a single machine, and discuss how to model the Bitcoin network for experimental purposes.
Andrew Miller
an extension to Bitcoin predicate language which is still being constrained to incur minimal costs of execution, but allowing much richer variety of contracts.
Oleg Andreev
Not totally crazy at first glance.
Ken Tindell
Super cool: paywall unlockable with Bitcoin for the last strip of a comic.
Casey Leonard
A ChainDB organizes transactions (in the database sense) into blocks that are then referenced by transactions in the Bitcoin block chain.
Blockchain Certification Protocol is a protocol to digitally sign and verify documents in a semi-decentralized manner. Features include signature identification, decentralized signature verification and document timestamp and signature verification.
Fu Yong Quah
Bitcoin won’t scale as a global settlement network without increasing the block size.
Jameson Lopp
A very interesting paper that studies the topology of the network, and its degree of centralisation (or lack thereof).
Andrew Miller
Hardware Bitcoin wallets are obvious targets for backdoors. We propose a unified method of auditing any wallet for presence of potential backdoors or bugs. The specification also applies to software wallets executed by general-purpose computers, although these may be more challenging to audit.
Oleg Andreev
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