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Gavin wrote four more posts. Read them.
Gavin Andresen
One of her worst pieces yet IMHO. Therein you learn that Kaminska doesn’t approve of people’s right to do whatever the heck they want with their capital.
Izabella Kaminska
Another point of view on the block size. The author says that economically, it doesn’t really matter.
Oleg Andreev
Decentralization has recently been touted as the mother of all solutions to our worldly problems. It’s not true.
Arvind Narayanan
I don’t think the author has really grokked Bitcoin, but I still include this article because it’s interesting to read the opinion of an otherwise shrewd technology analyst.
Ben Thompson
Economics, Markets and Infrastructure
Network hashrate drop, 400kb average block size.
Organ of Corti
Lots of block makers have lost 20 - 30% of their total hashrate this week.
Organ of Corti
A decent discussion on a controversial topic. If you don’t care about the price and or think it doesn’t matter, just skip this.
Henry Berg
Organ of Corti
Nasdaq, the US exchanges operator, this year plans to increase the number of trials with the decentralised network that underpins bitcoin.
Startups and Projects
A prediction markets set up for Bitcoin development decisions such as the block size debate.
Eli Dourado Andrea Castillo
Well, that’s a pretty solid board.
Wences Casares
I'd say don’t touch their apps.
Altcoins and Appcoins
We initiate the study of decentralized namespaces and the market for names in such systems. Our extensive empirical analysis of Namecoin reveals a system in disrepair.
Princeton University
Here’s how a blockchain could fix it. Technically though that’s only true with a secure blockchain, and only Bitcoin provides that so far.
Eli Dourado
One could compare the mining approach to block generation to a short-term dictatorship, while the validator approach is more akin to democracy. While both systems can be exploited or used for good (the Roman Republic elected their dictators in times of need, while democracy can spiral into mob rule), the democracy of validators requires more parties to be malicious before the system becomes compromised.
A blockchain that links servers to websites would prevent MITM attacks, and also facilitate revocation and other things.
Eli Dourado
Code and Development
Andrea Corbellini
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