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A walkthrough of the integration of Gyft and Chain, that enables gift cards to be issued and used via the bitcoin blockchain thanks to the Open Assets protocol.
Guillaume Lebleu
Often times people delve into all the opportunities of a blockchain, forgetting that the most important property is decentralization, as a centralized blockchain is a very inefficient technology.
Allen Piscitello
A very accessible yet powerful explanation of the value of the blockchain. The blockchain is database of verified public timestamps.
Nick Grossman
“The bottom line is that once you separate out the unit of account from the medium of exchange, money becomes a funny thing.”
Eli Dourado
Raoul Pal is a respected macro investor, former GS employee. His view is that Bitcoin can become a global settlement network to replace the current clusterfuck.
Another article on why Bitcoin is poised to replace the gigantic mess that is double-entry accounting.
Dan Morehead
Eli Dourado, who never disappoints, explains why Bitcoin makes sense more as global settlement infrastructure than everyday transaction infrastructure.
Eli Dourado
Interesting thoughts on Bitcoin as a store of value, both in the long run and the short run.
Noah Smith
Another debate between Adam Back, Mike Hearn, etc.
With Balaji Srinivasan and Jerry Brito. Nothing groundbreaking, but Balaji’s talk is an impressive way to pitch Bitcoin in a few minutes.
Goldman Sachs
The author thinks an unresolved hard fork would kill Bitcoin and urges everyone to be very careful.
David Sterry
If banks and other financial institutions aren’t comfortable storing information in the blockchain, they should take action and start mining it.
Fred Wilson
Bitcoin is increasingly getting hidden under dollar covers.
JP Konig
“It’s pretty simple, really. For any medium of exchange to displace another as a means for buying stuff, users need come out ahead. And this isn’t happening with bitcoin.”
JP Konig
Adam Back, Mike Hearn and a few others debate.
Bitcoin is different things to different people. Part of the reason for the conflict over the proposed block-size fork is due to the variety of positions on what Bitcoin should do and what its value proposition is.
Allen Piscitello
Economics, Markets and Infrastructure
The average miner has ~3.6 Th/s
Organ of Corti controls 3.9% of the network, Bitfury is now the 3rd largest block maker and BW Pool is growing.
Organ of Corti
Slush suddenly loses 2.5 Ph/s as Eligius suddenly gains 2.0 Ph/s
Organ of Corti
Very interesting analysis. did 34,000 BTC a week ago, spread out over ~50 local currencies. Includes graphs.
Legal and Regulations
As more companies are working on smart contracts, the issue of the legality of blockchains and legal conflict resolution arises.
Alex Batlin
Startups and Projects
See the emergence over time of the 250 largest Bitcoin entities on the Bitcoin blockchain
The first savings account for Bitcoin, by the creators of
Bittorrent + bitcoin to reward seeding.
Bitreserve reveals a little more about their perplexing offering. Sounds like they are trying to build a transparent bank.
Fred Wilson
A little more about BitPay by its CEO, whose direction hasn’t been very clear as of late.
Stephen Pair
Code and Development
In-depth walkthrough that tackles all the challenges that come with building an app atop Bitcoin.
Very thorough and enlightening.
ZeroCash, Greg Maxwell
A proposal for generalized channels.
Rusty Russell
An example of using their websocket feed
Nick Tomaino
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