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This is the very best analysis of the block size increase debate from an economics point of view (which the author argues is the correct point of view).
Konrad Graf
The inventor of Bittorrent gives his blunt opinion on the block size increase. He is firmly against it.
Bram Cohen
The author explains that allowing hard forks without unanimous consensus to go through will undermine Bitcoin’s merits as storage of value and money.
Suhas Daftuar
A proposal to build consensus on very contentious issues of Bitcoin governance, such as the block size increase.
David Sterry
Economics, Markets and Infrastructure
Organ of Corti
Organ of Corti
This insightful post analyses data propagation, and how it relates to block size.
Coinfloor leads the charge when it comes to transparency and provable solvency.
“As long as there is no network partition, I didn’t find a scenario yet where a miner can profit by creating bigger blocks.”
Jonas Nick
Median and mean block sizes have increased significantly. Mean tx fee and block size have doubled since mid-2014
Organ of Corti
Startups and Projects
Impressive. Excited to see how this unfolds.
Code and Development
Register, update, and perform lookups on blockchain-based user identities
Great primer!
Davide de Rosa
Bitcoin network simulator
Pieter Wuille
Peter Todd
ETH Zurich
The timechain is a new deterministic data structure that uses a chain of time-lock encrypted RSA public keys at 5 minute intervals whose publication is incentivised through the use of hash-locked financial rewards.
Matthew Roberts
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