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Bitcoin Weekly Issue 6
May 2, 2014
Game Theory, Assurance Contract and Crowdfunding via Bitcoin
Services such as Kickstarter can be built purely on top of Bitcoin, removing the need for a third party to be trusted to collect, hold and distribute funds.
Arianna Simpson
In Bitcoin Debate, Larry Summers Sides with the History of Change
What happens when the miners pack up their gear?
A discussion of what might happen once the mining subsidy disappears and miners rely on transaction fees to operate profitably.
O'Reilly Media
Banning Banks
Economists have begun seriously discussing the idea of banning banks. That seems ridiculous and far-fetched, but the idea might not be as crazy as it sounds.
[video] Money, Power and Politics: The Cryptocurrency Revolution
Cryptocurrencies are the first self-limiting monetary systems in the history of mankind, and could be our greatest chance to check the growth of political power since the Magna Carta.
Stefan Molyneux
Bitcoin - a 6-sided Market and Network Effect
A look at the various stakeholders in the Bitcoin network and what makes it so strong.
Economics, Markets and Infrastructure
Bitcoin Now on Bloomberg
This is pretty big news as it means Bitcoin has effectively graduated to Wall Street.
[video] Bitcoin - The future of commerce?
The future of commerce is at a major crossroads. What can Bitcoin tell us about new consumer mindsets and what happens to advertising, media transactions and e-commerce in a Bitcoin world?
Jon Matonis
Yelp now shows businesses that accept Bitcoin
Legal and Regulations
New rulings by FinCEN
The FinCEN has issued new rulings indicating that digital currency-related cloud mining and escrow services should not be considered money transmitters.
Bitcoin 101
Bitcoin Foundations
A cool attempt at explaining what Bitcoin is and what problems it solves by a law student.
Svetoslava Vassileva
Secure Bitcoin Storage: A Q&A With Three Bitcoin Company CEOs
An overview of the state-of-the-art of bitcoin wallets and what to expect in the future.
What are the ramifications of an infinitely divisible currency like Bitcoin?
Bitcoin and the Future of Money
Keynote at Bank of Iceland Wealth Management’s Open Meeting on Cryptocurrencies
Sveinn Valfells
What can you do with a bitcoin?
Christina Cacioppo
Startups and Projects
Announcing the MIT Bitcoin Project
Two MIT students have raised $500k to distribute $100 worth of bitcoins to every undergrad student at MIT. This will make for a very interesting social experiment.
New advanced tools for exploring the blockchain
Coinometrics Indicators
Coinometrics has been building great indicators around the health of the blockchain, the network and the currency.
Hyper-Anonymising Bitcoin Service 'Dark Wallet' Launches
Created by Amir Taaki and Cody Wilson, Dark Wallet provides new tools for financial privacy, including in-built coin mixing and ‘stealth’ wallet addresses.
CoinMyne’s software gives miners the flexibility to monitor and manage their operations remotely.
CoinPip brings SMS Bitcoin Wallets to Asia
CoinDesk Bitcoin App Now Available for iPhone
CoinDesk has released an iOS application featuring the latest bitcoin news and analysis, Bitcoin Price Index, a price chart, currency converter and price alert notifications.
BitX Targets Developing Countries With Global Expansion Plan
Exchange and wallet service BitX is about to go global with a grand plan to serve the world’s emerging economies with one recognizable brand, based on solid financial industry foundations.
Altcoins and Appcoins
Visualizing sidechains and tabulating the aggregate losses of UTXOs
Presentation covering the new sidechains project and some of the challenges of information security on the edges of the Bitcoin network.
Tim Swanson
Decentralized Protocol Monetization and Forks
With cryptocurrencies, we have discovered a new mechanism for monetizing decentralized protocols: create internal assets, and sell them to pay for the development of the protocol.
Code and Development
Counterparty: Enabling Decentralization with Insight
How Counterparty incorporated Insight by Bitpay in its Counterwallet service to get direct access to the Bitcoin blockchain to check balances and UTXOs and implement full node Bitcoin.
BIP: Fractional Storage Identifier
Proposal of a scheme that allows fractional storage of blocks and transaction state so that many more nodes can fully validate incoming blocks without sacrificing a lot of disk space.
Oleg Andreev
A 3-of-5 multisig wallet with Copay
[video] Building a Hierarchical Deterministic Web Wallet
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