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Organ of Corti explains what bad luck is with regards to mining, and how to manage income variance.
Organ of Corti
Amusing coincidence, the same day Fred Wilson posts about decentralized media platform, a former Reddit engineer and Bitcoin aficionado announces that he is going to do it.
Ryan X Charles
The author argues that Bitcoin could be adopted by a complete cycle of business to evade Greek capital controls and keep their business going.
Nick Szabo
The time for a decentralized media platform has come. Both the demand and the technology are here.
Fred Wilson
Economics, Markets and Infrastructure
Transaction fees and block size both still increasing. Public ownership of the network is decreasing.
Organ of Corti
Some miners are not verifying blocks, therefore causing forks that expose SPV wallets to double-spending attacks.
No block mined by an unknown miner this week. AntPool and Bitfury gaining ground against Discus Fish.
Organ of Corti
Antpool luckiest over the last 6 months.
Organ of Corti
Legal and Regulations
A company should only need a license if they have actual custody of their customer’s bitcoins, and this draft states this fact.
Jerry Brito
Startups and Projects
As a response to the unconfirmed transactions backlog, BitGo has implemented dynamic fees pricing in its wallet. The market is reacting quickly :)
Code and Development
BlockCypher has released an API endpoint that returns different price points for fees in order to time your transaction.
Rusty Russell
“Expending electricity on unproductive work is inherent to Bitcoin’s security. Multiple approaches to eliminating this have been proposed, none of which solve the problem satisfactorily, and are usually unusable, insecure, or completely fallacious. I’ll explain what Bitcoin at core is, why and how much waste there is in it, what approaches to removing that waste are, and how they fail.”
Bram Cohen
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