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The stalemate in the block size increase debate has pushed proponents of an increase to fork Bitcoin with BitcoinXT. This is why.
Mike Hearn
Albeit still very small, that’s a great use case for Bitcoin the currency.
Smart contracts enabled by cryptography-enabled technology could bolster on-demand crime.
Tom Simonite
Brian Armstrong, CEO of Coinbase and WSJ columnist Christopher Mims discuss Bitcoin.
Thorough analysis of the properties of the emerging ledger technologies.
Arthur B
Economics, Markets and Infrastructure
Organ of Corti
Organ of Corti
Organ of Corti
Dave Hudson Talks Blocksize, Transaction Fees & Decentralization
Finally some sensible words about the future of mining.
Antonis Polemitis
Bitcoin 101
Mike Hearn explains soft and hard forks, and why he thinks hard forks are better for the ecosystem.
Mike Hearn
Extensive presentation of what one can do with Bitcoin and its derivatives.
Piotr Piasecki
Startups and Projects
Code and Development
Generalizing selfish mining and combining with an eclipse attack.
Maryland and Cornell U
Awesome presentation. Conclusion: don’t generate your passphrases yourself.
Ryan Castellucci
A productive prototype implementation of the Lightning Network on a client-server model with simplifications to allow for a similar experience with features readily available today.
Mats Jerratsch
Experimental Lightning Node
This document breaks down a cryptocurrency into four components: network protocol, consensus protocol, transaction protocol and internal state.
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