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Adam Back, founder of Blockstream, and Alex Morcos, HFT superstar and founder of Chaincode Labs explain why they’re against the block size increase and Hearn’s Bitcoin XT.
As it stands, the BIP101 has implementation flaws that could cause BIP101 activation with a significantly sub-supermajority, or a minority. It is almost certain that if BIP101 is activated, it will be with a sub-supermajority, or even a minority.
Organ of Corti
The author talks about the dangers of BIP100 and advocates for BIP101 instead.
The authors consider BIP 100 to be the most prudent choice to grow the block size limit in the near-to-intermediate term.
BitFury Group
Economics, Markets and Infrastructure
Slush continues to rocket, Discus Fish continues to increase, AntPool to decrease and Bitfury stands firm.
Organ of Corti
Organ of Corti
Network hashrate has increased by 33% since the start of the year.
Organ of Corti
An analysis of the economics of mining with ASICs, breakeven electricity price and the future block reward halving.
Liberty Street Economics
Startups and Projects
Code and Development
An IDE for Bitcoin transaction scripts. Its purpose is to make it easier to write, evaluate, and learn about transaction scripts.
It is possible to “mine” transactions ids which give you a better chance of exploiting the state of the Ripple ledger for financial gain.
Donovan Hide
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