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Must-read (although lengthy) piece on decentralization. The author introduces a measure of how much costs an option to run a full node, and concludes that to increase decentralization, one should focus on making a full node cheaper.
Paul Sztorc
The story of so far, with insightful views on the Bitcoin industry by its founders.
Masters said that security and loans settlement in the US would greatly benefit from the blockchain as it is very slow, especially compared to some other countries.
Economics, Markets and Infrastructure
Organ of Corti
KNC Miner has hashrate increase. One unknown block this week.
Organ of Corti
Bitminter most profitable pool over past six months. AntPool has hit 100% profitability over the last 6 months. Slush has kept most of their new hashrate.
Organ of Corti
Another big banker joins the flock.
A sobering and fact-laden tale on the fairy tail that is zero-fee and instant remittances.
Legal and Regulations
A timeline of the stance of central banks on Bitcoin
Bitcoin regulation in the US remains unfriendly and Europe is becoming more attractive for bitcoin entrepreneurs.
Bitcoin 101
This article is a gentle introduction to blockchain technology and assumes minimal technical knowledge. It attempts to describe what it is rather than why should I care, which is something for a future post.
Anthony Lewis
Startups and Projects
Pivit has issued a portion of its latest $5m funding round using technology provided by Digital Asset Holdings with the help of Elliptic’s services.
Code and Development
This new feature exists in Bitcoin XT 0.11B to handle the transaction flooding denial-of-service attacks
Mike Hearn
A Technical Survey on Decentralized Digital Currencies
Humbold University
Some data about how much bandwidth is used to relay transactions and blocks on the Bitcoin network. It seems that right now that it could be better.
Gavin Andresen
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