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Bitcoin Weekly Issue 7
May 9, 2014
Minimum Viable Block Chain
Fantastic piece that explains, from the ground up, why the particular pieces (digital signatures, proof-of-work, transaction blocks) are needed to form the “minimum viable block chain” with all of its remarkable properties.
Ilya Grigorik
How Bitcoin's Technology Could Revolutionize Intellectual Property Rights
The blockchain can be used as a decentralized timestamp server, which has many applications in IP.
[podcast] Bitcoin Foundation Chief Scientist on the Present and Future of Bitcoin
Bitcoin and Bankers: Reflections on a panel discussion
Bankers are beginning to take Bitcoin technology very seriously.
Richard Gendal Brown
Summary of MIT Bitcoin Expo
A great run down of some of the highlights of the conference.
Two-Bit Idiot
Economics, Markets and Infrastructure
Fidor Becomes First Bank to Use Ripple Payment Protocol
The Big Picture Behind the News of China's Bitcoin Bans
A great rundown of the Bitcoin situation in China amid all the confusion.
Bitcoin is taking off in Argentina
Hyperinflation has spurred the emergence of black markets, which in turn are catalyzing Bitcoin’s adoption over there.
James Downer
How to Market Bitcoin
A very libertarian take on how Bitcoin can grow. His theory is that black markets and illicit uses of Bitcoin will remain the strongest distribution channel.
Bitcoin Bill Payment Services Taking Off Around the World
It’s becoming easier to pay bills with bitcoins.
Legal and Regulations
Federal Election Commission approves bitcoin donations
Bitcoin 101
Bitcoin's Promise Goes Far Beyond Payments
A quick overview of Bitcoin’s potential in ownership, contracts, and identity.
Stanford Cryptocurrencies Course
[video] What is Bitcoin?
Bitcoin is notoriously hard to explain to beginners. This video results from a talk given at Harvard. It is different from the usual explanations and is really great.
James D'Angelo
Startups and Projects
New SMS Bitcoin Service Aims at Emerging Markets
Singapore-based payment processor CoinPip is introducing new payment options, allowing anyone in the world to send coins via SMS.
Dark Wallet Is A Dangerous Project
Government regulators have been scrambling to prevent bitcoin from becoming the currency of choice for money launderers and black marketeers. Now their worst fears may be about to materialize.
Chain, The Blockchain API for Developers
zTrader - An Android Bitcoin trading app
BitPay Is Raising $30M At A $160M Valuation From Index Ventures
Bitcoin Trading Platform Vaurum Raises $4m in Seed Funding
Altcoins and Appcoins
Mintchalk, an Ethereum contract creating and publishing tool
Great and easy to use tool to start toying with smart contracts and understanding the value proposition of Ethereum.
Code and Development
Truthcoin: Trustless and Decentralized Bitcoin Prediction Marketplace
A cryptocurrency in as few lines of code as possible. Currently ~500.
Statoshi: Realtime Bitcoin Node Statistics
Bitcoin Core fork that comes with enhanced network monitoring capabilities.
How getwork is implemented in btcd
Overview of the decentralized network mining protocol.
ECDH in the payment protocol
Bitcoin core dev explains the problems with stealth addresses and presents an alternative.
Mike Hearn
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