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The author ponders how blockchain innovation could play out to bring the financial system to the age of information.
David Galbraith
21’s gameplan is a multi year, likely a multi decade play. Endgame:In twenty years, grid-connected computers are part of THE COMPUTER.
Jeff proposes a way to create decentralized indexes, that make auditing much easier and tampering with them much harder.
Jeff Garzik
This is not news: there is currently zero incentive for people to pay in Bitcoin in most situations.
Techonology Review
The digital currency has caused any number of headaches for law enforcement. Now entrepreneurs and academics are scrambling to build a better version.
Economics, Markets and Infrastructure
Ten unknown blocks this week.
Organ of Corti
Nothing new this week
Organ of Corti
Organ of Corti
Startups and Projects
An unsurprisingly arrogant piece that tries to explain where R3 comes from. It will be interesting to see what comes out of R3 nonetheless.
Tim Swanson
Altcoins and Appcoins
German Universities
A summary of where Ethereum development is at and where it wants to be going.
Vitalik Buterin
The plot thickens…
Code and Development
A summary of the paper.
Adrian Colyer
A proposal to assess the proportion of voting blocks once two thousand and sixteen blocks - just when the new difficulty is calculated.
Organ of Corti
The author, a software engineer at Google, discusses strategies for efficient block transfer, high availability nodes, and the limits of scale
Alex Chernyakhovsky
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