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21 just put out some quality technically-oriented tutorials for would-be bitcoin developers. They are targeted to beginners.
Written in a confusing style, but hammers down the point that a blockchain is good in certain cases, and other ledgers/databases are better in other cases. Written by the founder of Dwolla.
Ben Milne
A prediction of how banks that are now tinkering with private blockchains will later gravitate to the most secure blockchain in the future, which is likely to be Bitcoin.
Nick Tomaino
Economics, Markets and Infrastructure
The bitnodes project is now hosted and funded by 21.
Addy Yeow
Insightful account of how hard it is to disrupt remittances because of the last mile problem, which Bitcoin definitely doesn’t solve.
Centralisation back on the rise due to recent stratification of the top three block makers, after having at a minimum since mid-year. The percentage of public pool blocks seems to be increasing though.
Organ of Corti
Kano and BitMinter still have the top 6 monthly profitability
Organ of Corti
BTCChina pool’s market share grows.
Organ of Corti
Bitcoin 101
An introduction for the layperson using the journal metaphor. Useful to explain what blockchains and bitcoin are to non-technical people.
Ryan Shea
We will explore the original usage of the phrase ‘digital token’, then take a look into the world of cryptocurrency tokens, differentiating between blockchain-native tokens like BTC on Bitcoin, and asset-backed tokens like IOUs on Ripple.
Bits on blocks
Startups and Projects
A new exchange by the Winklevoss twins.
Two-factor authentication built for Bitcoin
Smart contracts platform over Bitcoin´s blockchain by Sergio Lerner
Joel Monegro
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