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Good price news never hurt :) Price is at $330 at the time of writing.
A pretty good list
Bitcoin makes the cover of The Economist, in a positive way. We’re not quite there yet, but things are changing, fast. Now people only need to grasp that the safest and strongest blockchain is Bitcoin’s, and then sky’s the limit.
The Economist
An explanation of why The Economist, while making progress, still doesn’t really get it.
Pablo Sanzo
Insightful take on the very underrated value of mining.
Chris Shepherd
Economics, Markets and Infrastructure
Organ of Corti
Organ of Corti
MasterCard, VISA, Amex are increasingly investing in this space.
An argument for smoothing out the inflation curve (weirdly called the deflation curve in the article) to prevent reward halvings from being too disruptive to miners.
Paul Sztorc
An account of the Money 2020 conference, where the blockchain was a much talked about subject.
Organ of Corti
Legal and Regulations
In this talk Patrick Murck -Berkman Fellow and Co-founder of the Bitcoin Foundation - unpacks Blockchain and some of the complicated property law issues that it poses.
Harvard Berkman Center
Startups and Projects
The MIT Medialab explains how they are using the Bitcoin blockchain to create fully verifiable tamper proofs digital certificates.
Philipp Schmidt
A Reddit-like site with upvotes tied to micropayments
That’s a really exciting project. Not only is it Bitcoin-enabled, but it really innovates on current settlement systems.
Code and Development
Great breakdown of a vulnerability of the current Bitcoin Client, that drives home the importance of depending on multiple nodes and/or services when using the Bitcoin protocol.
Frank Wang
A new protocol that allows exchanges to prove their solvency without leaking private details such as customer balances and controlled addresses.
Joseph Bonneau
The key recovery service dispenses xpubs (Bitcoin public keys) to anyone who requests one for use as a cold key in multisig wallets.
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