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Fantastic piece on how Bitcoin is standing on the shoulders of three very recent technologies, and why it’s genius.
Danno Ferrin
A simple taxonomy of blockchains. Hint: it’s like internet and intranets.
Muneeb Ali
In my opinion this has been true since almost the beginning, but I’m not sure a name change is going to help. What Bitcoin needs isn’t a new name, it’s a lot of legitimate use cases and users.
Guy Lepage
Nick Szabo provided a sweeping yet very synthetic vision of cryptocurrency state-of-the-art and where it’s likely headed.
Nick Szabo
The JPMorgan CEO explains why he thinks the government will crack down on bitcoin and other virtual currencies before they get big.
Economics, Markets and Infrastructure
Organ of Corti
Good breakdown of what’s happening in the Wall Street part of the world concerning blockchain innovation and bitcoin.
Nathaniel Popper
Orphan rates at Ghash.IO, Slush and Eligius still high.
Organ of Corti
Chinese deposits are in bad shape, which is leading to a lot of Chinese trying to escape capital controls. Bitcoin is seems to be providing a solution to that problem.
Average block size is at about 50% of maximum and the average transaction fee per block at about 0.7% of the block reward. Recent values have oscillated around these figures.
Organ of Corti
Five great charts that show how the industry has been developing under the radar for the last two years.
Timothy B Lee
Bitcoin 101
This is kind of a PSA: Bitcoin users, use a wallet that minimizes fees. Most wallets overpay.
Long piece on Ethereum, smart contracts and distributed global purpose computations on blockchains.
Gideon Greenspan
Startups and Projects
Zerocoin wants to bring full anonymity to cryptocurrencies. If Bitcoin is HTTP for money, Zerocoin is HTTPS.
Andy Greenberg
Code and Development
This article explores an implementation of Ricardian contracts over Bitcoin so as to allow for speculative contracts (insurance policies, loans, futures) to be created on OpenBazaar.
Gavin talks about the design process of the IP protocol and his future work on the Bitcoin protocol. He also lauds the work from the Cornell crew.
Gavin Andresen
What is malleability, where it matters and doesn’t matter, and what should be done about it.
Jameson Lopp
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