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Whatever you need to know about this amazing new scene, whatever data you need to crunch to find positions and uncover trends, it’ll be available here.
A different opinion from F2Pool’s
Bitcoin Magazine
This post highlights the importance of zero-conf in the Bitcoin world. It has been too quickly dismissed and vilified by some in the community.
Erik Voorhees
The emergence of open Internet protocols for value exchange, today led by the global adoption of Bitcoin’s Blockchain, paves the way for value to move as freely as information and data move on the Internet today.
Jeremy Allaire
This article is a response to a growing meme in the Bitcoin community that ‘zero confirmation transactions were never safe’ and therefore the core developers should change the code to make zero confirmation transactions totally unusable.
Chris Pacia
The current biggest pool discusses the block size increase debate.
Bitcoin Magazine
Economics, Markets and Infrastructure
Organ of Corti
Organ of Corti
A significant increase in the network hashrate.
Organ of Corti
Startups and Projects
The first 21 update is here: redecentralizing mining pools and virtual private marketplaces.
Balaji Srinivasan
Altcoins and Appcoins
Code and Development
In this tutorial, we’ll show you how to set up a crawler that checks the status of bitcoin-payable endpoints as a scheduled job.
If Bitcoin messages could be compressed well, this may allow us to get more scaling bang for the buck, by enabling the network to send larger blocks in the number of bytes currently used to send a relatively small block.
Emin Gun Sirer
A list of all the services that have sprouted on the 21 platform.
In this article, I’ll look at the history of multisig, how it is used in the Bitcoin environment and how it will shape its future.
Antoine Le Calvez
This tutorial illustrates how to build an entirely new class of applications: command line tools that use a little bit of bitcoin to pay a remote server for computation.
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