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Great overview of what was talked about in Hong Kong.
Jameson Lopp
“As far as I an see, Bitcoin is the only solution to this horrible wealth preservation problem.”
Since the press has a habit of outing a Satoshi every year, it’s time to raise the level of discourse up a notch, and talk about how to recognize Satoshi in case we encounter him.
Emin Gun Sirer
The short answer is that RBF is a mechanism to update a transaction that is not getting confirmed by miners because its fee is too low – the idea is to increase the fee to give miners an incentive to mine it.
Green Address
Try to think of services that had a hard time being monetized or that were primarily consumed by other computers. RSS feeds. Community databases. Niche search sites. Networks of sensor information. In each of these cases, a computer with a 21 account can pay satoshis for each query or visit. Multiply that times millions of devices and you start to have a functioning system of value for value: a machine payable economy.
David Sterry
Economics, Markets and Infrastructure
Organ of Corti
Big players are gearing up for Bitcoin to become an established part of people’s portfolios, but does that mean you should invest in it?
Organ of Corti
Organ of Corti
Bitcoin 101
This backgrounder is designed to clarify some terminology and explain some technical concepts from the ever-changing universe of Bitcoin-derived innovations.  
Startups and Projects
As a starting point, we built Edgecoin, a private cryptocurrency ledger that maintains a secure, independently verifiable record of when one of our founders or advisors has signaled when we should be spending time with another seed-stage founder.
BTC Relay allows Ethereum developers to interact with the Bitcoin blockchain and verify Bitcoin transactions. Relayers who submit blocks to support the Relay can earn Ether.
Code and Development
Andreas M.​ Antonopoulos
An explanation of Pieter Wuille’s segregated witness proposal by Gavin Andresen.
Gavin Andresen
Don’t use testnet3 for application testing. It’s unreliable, at best. Instead, use BlockCypher’s sandbox or another method.
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