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This is the blog post that has sent the Bitcoin price and industry reeling in the past week. Mike Hearn has made gigantic contributions to Bitcoin’s success, and it is a shame that he is calling it quits, especially in this fashion.
Mike Hearn
“[H]e doesn’t want you to know that virtually every one of his attempts to modify Bitcoin would lead to its centralization (a real death for Bitcoin).”
Greg Slepak
This post is an attempt to write out why decentralization is foundational to Bitcoin’s utility and, somewhat more importantly, set up future posts talking about when it isn’t.
Matt Corallo
Sometimes it takes a crisis to get everyone in a room. That’s how the federal budget has been settled for many years now. And that may be how the blocksize debate gets settled to. So if we are going to have a crisis, let’s get on with it. No better time than the present.
Fred Wilson
Bitcoin did have great potential, but it is damaged beyond repair. A replacement is badly needed.
Vivek Wadhwa
I characterized Mike Hearn’s farewell essay as a ‘whiny ragequit’. I did this because it is, well, a whiny ragequit.
Bram Cohen
“Bitcoin is not an instant payment network and not a fancy replacement for PayPal or Visa. It is first and foremost a decentralized system, which sacrifices speed in favor of security.”, by the founder of Bitfury
Valery Vavilov
The next year of Bitcoin needs to be about progress, decisions and alignment amongst the community.
Adam Draper
The experiment is not over. The problems we are seeing now are excellent problems to have. In fact, when I joined the Bitcoin community I never dreamed we could be at this point.
Ron Gross
A romanticized account of Mike Hearn’s quitting.
Nathaniel Popper
Bitcoin 101
Great roundup on how to increase privacy on the blockchain with cryptographic techniques
Vitalik Buterin
Startups and Projects
Zcash is adding privacy to Bitcoin
Code and Development
In the recent discussions around the Bitcoin Core capacity increases plan and blocksize hard forks there’s been a persistant stream of misunderstandings about the safety of soft forks. This is unfortunate, because in reality they’re one of the best tools we have to upgrade the Bitcoin protocol, one that we’ve used succesfully on numerous occasions.
Peter Todd
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