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Probably the best and most comprehensive book on Bitcoin yet.
Princeton University
This might be the first use of Bitcoin as a way of paying wages at scale. It will be interesting to follow.
It seems like the block size increase debate is drawing to an end. While there is still too much strife and things are still far from great, the community as a whole is growing up.
Matt Corallo
Another sign that we’ve come a long way and the block size increase debate is going to end well: major stakeholders are coming together with shared views.
Pretty good interview.
Jeff Garzik explains the pros and cons of the 2MB hard-fork route and the SegWit-first option.
Jeff Garzik
Startups and Projects
BitGo has grown 3x in Q4.
Mike Belshe
Code and Development
Gavin explains the code changes he made to Bitcoin Core to enable 2mb blocks.
Gavin Andresen
Gavin explains why he chose the 75% hash-rate threshold and 28-day grace period for his 2mb-blocks fork.
Gavin Andresen
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