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Super interesting article that highlights how differently the Chinese stakeholders think about Bitcoin.
Bitcoin is a baby and will eventually mature to support a diverse ecosystem of implementations. But that is not likely to happen for many years.
Muneeb Ali
A post about Brian Armstrong’s slides on the Bitcoin scaling debate.
Fred Wilson
The bear case for a consensual solution to the block size increase debate. Also a counterpoint to Brian and Fred’s take.
Meni Rosenfeld
Bitcoin 101
The Lightning Network explained to people that don’t have degrees in cryptography or computer science
John Ratcliff
Code and Development
21 released software and libraries to allow high frequency Bitcoin-based microtransactions between any pair of 21 Bitcoin Computers, without any change to the Bitcoin block size.
“We analyze how fundamental and circumstantial bottlenecks in Bitcoin limit the ability of its current peer-to-peer overlay network to support substantially higher throughputs and lower latencies.”
Cornell, UMD, ETH, Berkeley
Unintentional block withholding can decrease a pool’s profits dramatically.
Organ of Corti
BitGo just launched its developer portal.
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