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“The roundtable’s consensus proposal falls short in several areas, and only offers words (not working code).” Brian is not happy with the proposal and explains why.
Brian Armstrong
Another good essay on how enterprise blockchain projects seem to mostly be scams.
Gideon Greenspan
A number of core devs, miners and other stakeholders have arrived at a consensus on how to scale Bitcoin. This could be great!
Bitcoin Roundtable
“I’m worried about the current situation of Bitcoin and the Blockchain.”
Joi Ito
On why Bitcoin Classic and its push by Coinbase poses a risk.
Bram Cohen
Mosaic Ventures gives their stance on the slower than expected growth of the Bitcoin ecosystem and why they think Blockstream is a winner.
Mosaic Ventures
What could be summarized as the bear case for Bitcoin, from an insider.
Bram Cohen
Economics, Markets and Infrastructure
Thorough analysis of Bitcoin fees.
Anthony Towns
Code and Development
A lot of cool new features, be sure to upgrade!
This post focuses on the generic benefits of Segregated Witness for Hardware Wallets with specific technical details about our own implementation.
A slidedeck that explains what SegWit is.
Oleg Andreev
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