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A marketplace that allows buyers and sellers to trade in digital goods using micropayments, initially specifically focused on APIs for developer use.
Ethereum uses many of the same systems of Bitcoin in order to generate a shared world computing platform that can flexibly but securely run any application users want to code.
Vitalik Buterin
Opinion’s CEO opinion on the Satoshi Roundtable
Peter Smith
A tale of two conferences: DC Blockchain Summit and MIT Bitcoin Expo
Josh Cincinnati
Bain Capital Ventures’ MD tells his version of what was said at the Satoshi Roundtable.
Salil Deshpande
Oleg argues that “Bitcoin will win the ‘cryptographic gold’ title and every other altcoin imaginable will die”.
Oleg Andreev
Coinbase CEO’s opinion on the Satoshi Roundtable. TLDR: There is trouble on the horizon.
Brian Armstrong
Some great ideas on how a competitive process might liberate the stalemate that Bitcoin dev is currently stuck in.
Jeremy Rubin
A consensus on how to increase the block size is far from reached among major stakeholders.
Gavin Andresen
What has changed since the block size limit was put in place in Bitcoin.
Gavin Andresen
Blockchains are specifically designed to obviate private firms. Industry refusal to acknowledge this point has resulted in multiple misunderstandings, which have persisted for a variety of reasons.
Paul Sztorc
Economics, Markets and Infrastructure
An amazing explorative study of the economy and transaction network of the decentralized digital currency Bitcoin during the first four years of its existence.
Humboldt University
An animation visualising the changes in block sizes and the average transaction fee/block reward, starting from 2011.
Organ Ofcorti
The per block transaction fee is a step function, with discontinuous increases in value at block size maxima. This is not a recent development as per block transaction fees per kB have been higher for blocks at size limits since 2012.
Organ Ofcorti
Bitcoin 101
A slidedeck that presents the differences between public and private blockchains.
BitFury and Jeff Garzik
Altcoins and Appcoins
Code and Development
Rent machines on the grid for bitcoin
21 Bitcoin Computer
Android Bitcoin Core is an app that fetches bitcoin core daemon and dependencies and is meant to make it easier to run Bitcoin Core daemon node on always on Android set-top box devices and home appliances.
CABRA is an attempt to collect and organize metadata about ongoing Bitcoin research.
Christian Decker
This paper outlines basic components of blockchain-based asset ledgers, as well as their use cases for financial services and for emerging IoT and consumer markets.
BitFury Group
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