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Bitcoin futures exchange BitMEX is launching a new ‘BitMEX Index’ aimed specifically at its own traders, using custom charts built by bitcoin data specialists The new index will go live on April 29, 2016.
Unlike the online marketplace giants this new model of online commerce isn’t controlled by any company or organization. OpenBazaar is a fully peer-to-peer marketplace where buyers and sellers engage in trade directly with each other.
Peter Todd gives his opinion on the impending hard fork, the debate over the timeframes, and the different needs of community stakeholders.
Peter Todd
It pushes the real-time market for block space to private deals that few have access to.
Peter Smith
The balanced opinion of the owner of a mining pool on the block size increase debate.
Marek 'Slush' Palatinus
Ethereum is all the rage at the moment, but Bitcoin is good enough for Datt, and more proven.
Ryan X.​ Charles
Economics, Markets and Infrastructure
Some Bitcoin Core developers (Gavin Andresen among them) get sponsored by donors through an MIT initiative.
Brian Forde
This brings me to Bitcoin. I think that Bitcoin could be the world’s next great safe asset. At least, it certainly seems to have all the properties that are desired in a safe asset.
David Andolfatto
Startups and Projects
Coinbase is doubling down on their exchange.
Brian Armstrong
A multi-currency command-line wallet by BlockCypher
Josh Cincinnati
BitGo’s wallet is designed for businesses.
BitGo Blog
Proof of Physical Address is a smart oracle developed for the Ethereum blockchain to serve as a primitive form of Know-Your-Customer.
The rationale between what R3 is building. Hint: it’s not a blockchain.
Richard Gendal Brown
Circle partners with Barclays to roll out euros and sterlings transfers.
Code and Development
It includes support for CheckSequenceVerify, that allows for experimentation with routable bidirectional payment channels.
Aaron van Wirdum
This paper analyzes how fundamental and circumstantial bottlenecks in Bitcoin limit the ability of its current peer-to-peer overlay network to support substantially higher throughputs and lower latencies.
Cornell, UMD, ETH, Berkeley
Details about the implementation of Brave Ledger.
Brendan Eich
Good talk on clusterizing techniques and ways to improve privacy in Bitcoin on a technical level.
Jonas Nickler
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