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Bitcoin Weekly Issue 9
May 23, 2014
Bitcoin Will Globalize Politics
Fascinating piece about the possibilities that open up now that bitcoins are allowed as a source of political funding.
Santiago Siri
Julian Assange: Bitcoin could establish a new global consensus
The renowned hacker talks about Bitcoin, financial innovation.
Bitcoin 2014 Recap
Two-Bit Idiot
[video] Getting to a Billion Bitcoin Users
A great talk by Xapo founder Wences Casares at Bitcoin 2014.
Wences Casares
Bitcoin Remains a Tool for Freedom, Even While Going Mainstream
A great description of how the Bitcoin ecosystem is evolving, consolidating in some spaces while fragmenting in others.
Jerry Brito
Economics, Markets and Infrastructure
What Block Chain Analysis Tells Us About Bitcoin
Block chain analytics and forensics is a nascent yet exciting field of study that will bring to light what kind of real activity is taking place on public ledgers.
Tim Swanson
Legal and Regulations
Bitcoin Regulation Roundup: Political Contributions and Troublesome Banks
Learn about what’s going on in China, Japan, the US and Switzerland.
Federal Reserve’s Bitcoin Policy Begins to Take Shape
Minutes of an official meeting at the Fed where Bitcoin was discussed were released to the public.
Bitcoin 101
Hash Rate Headaches
This article dives into the probabilities of finding a block, why the hash rate is difficult to measure and what happens when the difficulty changes.
Startups and Projects
A cryptocurrency ranking website that measures a cryptocurrency’s potential based on key metrics such as developer activity, community size, and trading volume.
[paper] Zerocash: Decentralized Anonymous Payments from Bitcoin
Zerocash attemps to fix the privacy flaws that undermine Bitcoin with decentralized anonymous payment schemes.
37Coins Plans Worldwide Bitcoin Access With SMS-Based Wallet
Lighthouse, a decentralized Kickstarter based on Bitcoin
Core developer Mike Hearn is building an app that implements assurance contracts in Bitcoin, in order to boost the use of the richer features of Bitcoin and the funding of decentralized infrastructure.
Mike Hearn
A good profile of Coinbase CEO Brian Armstrong
Code and Development
How Works
Chain is building an API to make it quick and easy to interact with blockchain data.
A node module to work with elliptic curves by Node.js core developer, Fedor Indutny.
Fedor Indutny
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