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Most people have no idea how the mempool works, what size it should or should not be, what transactions are included or not etc. This post explains it all.
A long and well-researched, thoughtful essay on the history of money, Bitcoin, blockchains and where all this is going.
John Lanchester
Startups and Projects
Fees of 3.75% and a limit of $250/day apply.
Gaming giant Valve is bringing bitcoin payments to the Steam platform worldwide.
The BitPay Blog
Altcoins and Appcoins
This post analyses a flaw in Ethereum consensus protocol related to uncle rewards that incentivize miners having more than 12.5% of the hashing power to do uncle mining.
Sergio Lerner
Code and Development
Maintaining anonymity among nodes makes dual-funded channels problematic, but even when every channel is asymmetrically funded, robust networks result. This talk will detail the trade-offs between single and dual-funded channels, and show a way forward for trust-less sub-satoshi payments.
Tadge Dryja
There is no good answer as to what the block size should be. The author thus proposes alternative data-structures and architectures to eliminate that question altogether.
Bob McElrath
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